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Costco Workers Reveal The Strangest Things Customers Have Ever Tried To Return


When you work in retail, no day is the same. You never you know what kind of customer you’re going to deal with and what questions and concerns they might have that day.

Some store chains are bigger than others, but one of the most popular bulk shopping companies is Costco. That’s the fancy supermarket that you need a membership card to shop at.

Everyone knows customers can at times be difficult. And that was confirmed when someone asked on Reddit: “For Costco Employees: What’s the most outrageous item that was returned at Costco? And what was the result?” Costco workers shared stories of some pretty ridiculous situations they had been in.

Here are 8 of the craziest things ever to be returned to Costco. Is this a friendly return policy or are they taking things too far here?

1. An Empty Wine Bottle: Reddit user jb2255 wrote that he once saw a woman trying to return an empty wine bottle because it supposedly ‘gave her a headache.’ Pretty sure that’s what happens when you guzzle an entire bottle of wine.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.20.44 AMRachel-Lee Thomas

2. ‘Vintage’ Boom Box: jb2255 saw another wacky return at Costco. He dealt with a customer who was trying to return a Sony boombox from over ten years ago–and they still had the receipt!

3. Online Returns: This already sounds like a bad idea. Anyone can send off anything they want and claim that they are returning the actual item. That’s what happened to Reddit user bloodsponge when a guy put a new serial sticker on a dated laptop. ‘The guy had peeled off the serial sticker from his brand new laptop and taped it onto an 8-year old laptop,’ he wrote.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.25.09 AM youtube

4. An Old Fish: Xianricca wrote on Reddit about an experience that sounds pretty exhausting. A woman tried returning an old fish that she had frozen and forgot about 13 years ago. After threatening to call corporate–she got her return.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.26.19 AMitemlive

5. Pre-Eaten Steak: Another Reddit user shared the story of how one customer got away with returning a steak that he had clearly already eaten.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.27.57 AMRachel-Lee Thomas

6. A Stinky Safe: Reddit user iheartrms explains that they actually had to get the police involved after a safe was returned reeking of a particular recreational drug.

7. A Dead Plant: ManicHispanic85 wrote that shortly after the Costco garden center closes, several customers try to return their dead plants.

8. Yucky Mattress: Another user wrote that they would often have old and clearly used mattresses get returned for various reasons. Blacksteyraug wrote that while he was on maintenance they would have to cut them up and put them in the trash compactor. ‘Always disgusting,’ he wrote.


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