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8 Strangest Amusements Parks From Around The World

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Amusement parks have been a staple in many fortunate children’s childhoods since it was a physical manifestation of the animated figures you saw on TV. Not only could you take a picture with your favorite characters and ride on roller coasters based on the show’s theme, you could also gorge on funnel cakes, corn dogs and pizza. Amusement parks were great for the kids but hefty on a parent’s bank account.

From Disneyland to Wonderland to Magic Kingdom and also Universal Studios, these were just a few of the most popular amusement parks in the world.

But here are 8 parks that parents might not want to bring their child to.

Angry Bird Land. Yup, you heard that right, Angry Bird Land is a theme park centered around Angry Birds. So far they’ve been built in Finland, the UK and China, with the latter having an unlicensed Angry Birds theme park just a few months earlier.


The park features an Angry Bird castle, gift shops and an interactive area where attendees can play the app on a wide assortment of electronic devices. Along with slides and swings for the younger children, there is a life size game of Angry Birds where people can launch these infuriated birds into the pigs.


The game’s creator, Rovio Entertainment, has decided to invest in the success of Angry Birds by creating more Angry Bird theme parks around the world and creating a bunch of spin-offs using clothes, toys and even a Hollywood movie.


Crocosaurus cove. In the heart of Darwin city there is a park called Crocosaurus Cove that gives you a personal, in-depth look at some of the Saltwater Crocodiles of Australia. Its main attraction is the ‘Cage of Death’ where you will be submerged in an aquarium filled with some of the largest Saltwater crocodiles in captivity protected by a plastic cage. Attendees can choose to enter with a friend or alone.

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Every dive in the cage lasts approximately 15 minutes with the handlers performing regular feedings in order to have the crocodiles ‘more active’ and create the face-to-snout experience that many divers want.

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Jeju loveland. Loveland is a theme park in Korea that is based on love. How do you depict love you ask? Well, it’s simple: this theme park has 140 raunchy statues that promote different Kama Sutra positions.


Created in 2004, this park takes up the size of two soccer fields and it takes approximately an hour to see all the architecture. The philosophy behind this park was to break the taboo behind sex and to encourage people to be more open about their feelings and attitudes towards sex. However, the statues in the park depict raunchy moments of humans, animals and sometimes humans and animals.


The TVs that adorn different areas of the park are constantly playing sex education films. It is intended to increase sexual knowledge and awareness since arranged marriages are still prominent in some parts of South Korea.


The Dwarf Empire. Also known as the Kingdom of the Little People, this is a theme park in the Yunnan province of China. It originated in 2009 and over 100 little people live and work at the park.


Living in little mushroom huts, every day two performances are conducted to entertain and delight the tourists. The little people are ‘ruled’ by an emperor and empress and they all live in this elaborate world.


The park hopes to expand on its current size in an attempt to hire over 1000 little people from all over the world.


Although some moral and ethical issues arise with a theme park that is so ‘voyeuristic’ in nature, this theme park helps provide jobs and is beneficial to the economy.


Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. In the Shijingshan District of Beijing in China there is an amusement park that is eerily similar to Disneyland. And I mean a little scary and a lot familiar. The park was built in 1986 and its mantra was ‘Disneyland is too far to go, please come to Shijingshan!’

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But the park didn’t just imitate Disney characters it also copied the likes of Shrek, Bugs Bunny, Batman and Hello Kitty just to name a few others. In 2007 the park gained massive international media attention when pictures leaked to the world.

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When Disney threatened to take legal action against the company that owned the park, they merely replied that Mickey Mouse was just a ‘mouse with big ears’ and they changed the name to Crazy Mouse.

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Furthermore, the Wanda Group stated that these Disney characters were located inside the mall of the amusement park and had nothing to do with the park itself. They argued that since it was the shop owners of the mall who decided to hire Disney costumes and actors, the stipulation lies not with the Wanda Group.

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Diggerland. This is a theme park located in the UK and it lets children and adults alike experience the riding and driving of real diggers, dumpers and other construction machinery.


There are over 300 excavators and along with a parent, kids can ride on these diggers and (depending on height restrictions) can even drive a piece of machinery as well.


There are also indoor and outdoor play areas, coin operated rides, sandpits, slides and swings, and many more activities for children and adults alike to partake in.


Like most amusement parks, Diggerland stresses safety first and comes with a gift store. With a wide variety of restaurants and hot dog stands, attendees can choose to eat the goodies that are offered or can bring their own packed lunches.


The Haw Par Villa. Located on the Pasir Panjang Road in Singapore there is a park centered around Chinese folklore. It covers Chinese mythology, history, legends and different characteristics of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

03 Haw Par Villa (aka Tiger Balm Gardens 虎豹別墅) and the Ten Courts of Hell (地狱) - Reminiscing My Childhood Days With the Kids and the Parents (Large)

With over 1,000 statues and over 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes of folklore, it’s not so much the idea of the theme park that is weird rather it’s the scenes being depicted.


There are common images, statues and dioramas depicting limbless rats, human heads on bodies of crabs and an intricate and detailed explanation of the Ten Courts of Hell. People are bathed in blood, hills of knives where sinners are flung at, people getting impaled—these are regular sightings at this park.


And this theme park was actually intended for children. This would be a place where parents would bring their children for a lesson on morality and ethics. I guess a visual warning is better than any verbal one.


Erotikaland. As its name indicates, Brazil is set to open the first ever sex-themed theme park in 2018. Along with naked roller coasters, bumper cars in the shape of genitalia, a museum and also aphrodisiac snacks.


The adults only theme park offers a $100 admission fee but they insist that attendees ‘who want to take it to another level’ are asked to go to a nearby hotel ‘which they operate.’


Some controversy has arisen because Brazil’s government doesn’t want to be recognized as the ‘capital of sex.’ Owners of the park responded by saying that the park intends on teaching about sex and the history of sexuality.


Regardless of whether it’ll become the new ‘happiest place on Earth’ my main question is: How often do they clean those naked roller coasters?



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