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8 Strangest Amusements Parks From Around The World

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Amusement parks have been a staple in many fortunate children’s childhoods since it was a physical manifestation of the animated figures you saw on TV. Not only could you take a picture with your favorite characters and ride on roller coasters based on the show’s theme, you could also gorge on funnel cakes, corn dogs and pizza. Amusement parks were great for the kids but hefty on a parent’s bank account.

From Disneyland to Wonderland to Magic Kingdom and also Universal Studios, these were just a few of the most popular amusement parks in the world.

But here are 8 parks that parents might not want to bring their child to.

Angry Bird Land. Yup, you heard that right, Angry Bird Land is a theme park centered around Angry Birds. So far they’ve been built in Finland, the UK and China, with the latter having an unlicensed Angry Birds theme park just a few months earlier.


The park features an Angry Bird castle, gift shops and an interactive area where attendees can play the app on a wide assortment of electronic devices. Along with slides and swings for the younger children, there is a life size game of Angry Birds where people can launch these infuriated birds into the pigs.


The game’s creator, Rovio Entertainment, has decided to invest in the success of Angry Birds by creating more Angry Bird theme parks around the world and creating a bunch of spin-offs using clothes, toys and even a Hollywood movie.


Crocosaurus cove. In the heart of Darwin city there is a park called Crocosaurus Cove that gives you a personal, in-depth look at some of the Saltwater Crocodiles of Australia. Its main attraction is the ‘Cage of Death’ where you will be submerged in an aquarium filled with some of the largest Saltwater crocodiles in captivity protected by a plastic cage. Attendees can choose to enter with a friend or alone.

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