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Student Who Suffers From Depression Writes Heartbreaking Final Facebook Status

Depression is a mental illness that some people don’t take seriously. Since the signs aren’t always clear, we never really know who may suffer from the horrible disease. Niall Parakos was a 21-year-old student that ended up taking his own life after suffering from depression but before he left, he shared a tragic message on his Facebook account. 

 Niall suffered from severe depression for three years but neither his friends nor family knew about his condition. He always appeared happy around them and he showed very little signs of his mental state. And according to the inquest that took place regarding Niall’s death, Niall seemed happier than he had appeared in a long time before he committed suicide by jumping off the Armstrong Bridge in Newcastle.


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His family had no idea he was suffering from depression and are demanding to see a change in policy at Northumbria University after the school failed to notify his parent’s after he visited the bridge on a previous occasion. Although it appears that nobody was really aware of his mental state, Niall did leave one last message before he jumped. The psychology student posted one final status on his Facebook page as his final cry for help.

It started off with “thank yous” to the people that helped him and then led into an explanation on why he was doing what he was doing. “But anyway I think this is the largest audience I can get for this post so I just wanted to say thank you to all those that helped me during this difficult time and before those time who made my life a blessing,” he wrote online. “Please nobody blame themselves more for this and please pass on the sentiments from my notes left on my computer. I’m so sorry everyone that I couldn’t be stronger.”

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 Click on the “NEXT PAGE” button to read the heartbreaking status on the following page. Have you ever suffered from depression before? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments below and SHARE this with your Facebook friends.


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