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These Students Were Banned From Graduation For Their Senior Prank That Went Too Far


Graduation is a big deal for a lot of students. Whether it be from kindergarten or high school or post-secondary, graduation generally marks a new beginning and the journey onto the next stage of life. For some (if not all) students, it marks the beginning of summer, and a solid 2 months away from any sort of homework or schoolwork.

But for those who are embracing the next step into adulthood, many celebrate with after-prom parties, or get-togethers, or an old fashioned barbecue with friends and family. However, this one ‘celebration’ went a little too far.

A high school banned a group of students after they caused ‘serious damage’ to the school.

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It was at a high school known as Crispus Attucks High School where a senior prank ‘went way too far.’


Approximately thirty IPS high school senior students have been banned from their graduation ceremony for their affiliation with the prank. Officials from the school state that a criminal investigation has begun.


However, many students along with their parents argue that the school district ‘is being too heavy-handed.’

The Black And WhiteThe Black And White

Among the group of thirty who was banned is Valedictorian Kayla Hawthorne. She was banned from the graduation ceremony for being present during the incident but not as a part of the group who caused the most damage.

kayla-hawthorne-2Kayla Hawthorne

In an interview, Kayla said: ‘A lot of the more destructive things that happened were on the second and third floor which most people didn’t go to and then happened after we left.’


The school district has said that the students used chalk to draw on the walls while others say fire alarms were pulled and a fire extinguisher was set off.


However, students and parents believe that the school district is acting too harshly. A parent known as Yolanda Wilkins said that: ‘we used a lot of balloons, and basically, the kids were just having fun, a senior prank.’


A district spokeswoman said: ‘you know it’s guilt by association and it’s something that our parents taught us as kids if you’re caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, that will you face the same consequences.’


The IPS has begun a criminal investigation into this act of vandalism. They are hoping to determine who was inside the building when the prank occurred. The spokeswoman said: ‘the message is that IPS will not tolerate criminal activity of any kind in the name of a senior prank or otherwise.’

Huntsville ItemHuntsville Item

Some parents who were a part of the prank say it was all in good fun. A senior parent who was there to supervise said ‘the place was not on fire, they didn’t flood [the] place.’ She continued on by saying: ‘I’ve seen worse stuff. You know they have to hold themselves accountable for what they did, but they didn’t do anything that bad.’

NY Daily NewsNY Daily News

The parent of the Valedictorian said: ‘to not allow the kids to walk is punitive not just on the kids, but on the family and on the rest of the graduating class’


Parents and students have said that the principal was well aware of the prank and had even given the students permission. However, the spokeswoman said that the principal did not ‘permit the vandalism and did not allow the students into the building.’

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