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12 Stunning Moms Who Look The Same Age As Their Daughters


All women age differently. Some women age well, while others don’t. The toll of many years on a woman can drastically change her appearance, while it may have the complete opposite effect on another woman. Although plastic surgery and injections like Botox can reduce the impact of aging, it doesn’t stop the inevitable and can sometimes make a woman look even older.

Some women, though, don’t seem to age at all. Some of these lucky women are just blessed with great genes, while others not so much. Some women age so well that sometimes people even have a hard time telling them apart from their own daughters.

Here are 12 stunning moms who look the same age as their daughters.

1. The Mahomes twins are 18 years old. Their mom, Tina, is pictured in the middle of this photo. Can you guess how old she is?

If you don’t want to guess, or if you’ve just given up, she is 36 years old. I couldn’t believe it either.

2. Can you guess which ones are the sisters? Here’s a hint: one is 25, and the other is 26. The mom is 41.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the mom is Althea Ennis, and she’s in the middle.

3. Xenia Rappoport is a beautiful 42-year-old Russian actress, but she doesn’t look like it. Here she is pictured with her beautiful daughter Aglaya, who is 22. Does anyone else agree that they could be twins?

Both mother and daughter share the same gorgeous curly locks, light eyes, and delicate facial features.

4. This photo of 43-year-old Bayan Yessentayeva and her 20-year-old daughter Aissaule really proves that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree after all.

Who needs Botox or expensive plastic surgery when you have natural beauty? I hope I age like this when I’m older. One can only hope, I guess.

5. Georgie Smedley, pictured on the right, is a 44-year-old woman who looks exactly like her daughter Jazz. Jazz is 21 and is pictured on the left of this photo.

Jazz recently got married, and in this photo you can barely tell which one is the bride!

6. Jazmyne Wardell and her mother Natalie Wardell look like two best friends going out for a night on the town. In reality, Jazmyne is 21 and her mom is 45. If you’re having trouble guessing which one is which, Natalie (the mother) is the one on the left.

Natalie also has another daughter. Can you guess which one is the mom out of these three pictures? If you’re having as much trouble as I did, Natalie is the one on the far right.

7. Julia Bordovsky is a 47-year-old Russian journalist and TV presenter. She is pictured on the right in this photo, and her beautiful daughter Maria is on the left. Maria is 18 years old.

The resemblance between this mother and daughter is uncanny. From the color of their hair to the style of their hair cut, they honestly look like they could be twins.

8. Polina Maximova is a 27-year-old Russian actress. She is pictured here on the left with her mother, Svetlana. Svetlana is 50 years old.

The two beautiful blonde Russians look more like twins than mother and daughter.

9. Yasmin Le Bon is a 52-year-old British model. In this picture she is the one with brunette hair. Her daughter Amber, also pictured, is 27 years old.

Amber is also a model and frequently poses for shoots with her mother. Who else wishes they could rock pink hair like that?

10. Rochelle Dale is 23 years old. Her mother, Pav, is 53. You may have a hard time guessing which one is which in this picture, but Rochelle is on the right.

You might have an even harder time trying to figure out who’s who in this picture of Rochelle, her mom and her two sisters. I’ll let you figure this one out on your own.

11. Jerry Hall is a 60-year-old model. In this photo she is pictured on the left. Her daughter, Lizzy Jagger, is 32 and is pictured on the right of this photo.

Jerry Hall is a model and an actress, and is most famously known for her nine year marriage to famous rock star Mick Jagger. Together they had 4 children.

12. Denicia and Deja Conley are a mother and daughter duo who often get mistaken for twins. Denicia, on the right, is 41. Her daughter Deja is 22 years old.

This dynamic duo went viral in 2016 and have gained attention all over the world.


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