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The Stunning Transformation Of Ivanka Trump’s Life


Most transformation videos or articles out there are usually about cosmetic surgeries, bodily enhancements or extreme fat loss, but this article is designed to showcase the transformation of Ivanka Trump’s life. As the daughter of Donald Trump, she’s been in the public spotlight since she was just a young girl. Instead of being caught by paparazzi at bars or wobbling along a street carrying her heels, she’s been modelling, earning a degree in Economics and also published a book.

She went from being a teenage model to becoming a fashion designer. From an heiress to a businesswoman. From being raised a Presbyterian to converting to Judaism.

Here is the stunning transformation of Ivanka Trump’s life.

As a teenager, Ivanka was enrolled in the Chapin Day school but she was suddenly uprooted and sent off to a boarding school at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. In an interview, she commented on how tough that transition was and equated boarding school to a prison. “I was all of a sudden in the prison of boarding-school life, and all of my friends in New York were having fun.” I wonder what she did to get sent off to boarding school like that?

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In an attempt to travel more and flee from the stagnant life of boarding school she decided to start modelling. She was a part of Elite Model Management at the tender age of 14 and was on the front page of notable magazines such as Elle, and Seventeen and also several Tommy Hilfiger ads. She even hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant which Donald Trump owned.

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In a move that might have shocked some people, she left modelling to pursue an education. Her academic career began in Georgetown University where she lasted two years until she transferred to the Warton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where her father is an alumni. She later graduated with a degree in Economics in 2004 which was what the POTUS attended the institution for. Even during her time as a student she was appearing in films such as Born Rich.
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Right after graduation, Ivanka entered the workforce and worked at Forest Hill Enterprises where she was a project manager. Despite the business’s relationship with her father, this was her first time working in real estate. She revealed during an interview that this move was important to her because it showed her that she ‘had the chops’ for the dog-eat-dog world of real estate. Just 2 years later, her and her brother founded Trump Hotels.

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