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‘Submarining’ Is The Latest Dating Trend—And This Is Why You Will Be Annoyed By It

The dating world is full of terms for people. Just about every year we need to learn a new slew of phrases in order to keep up with the lingo. Most recently, there was the term of “ghosting,” which refers to someone you were going out with (exclusively or casually) stops messaging and contacting you until you get the message.

You also had the “catch-and-release” people who love the idea of a chase and once they get someone they’re interested in, they release them back into the sea of fish before they have to commit. With the fall weather finally on its way, we had “cuffing” as well, which referred to people who only wanted to be with someone during the colder weather.

Well, now we have another term to add to the repertoire. Welcome to the world of “submarining.”

Submarining is the name given to those who only come back into your life when it’s convenient for them. They have no problems leaving your life for days, weeks, sometimes months at a time and then making a sudden, unexpected reappearance. The worst part of their flakiness? When they decide to come back, they expect you to act as if everything is okay and like nothing happened.

Hundreds, if not more, people have dealt with someone who has dipped in and out of their lives. It’s because of this that people on Twitter heard of the term and started to share their own stories.

Once news broke out of the new term, dozens of comments poured in from users who shared their hilarious stories and their attitude towards people who think it’s acceptable to walk in and out of their lives.

The floodgates opened even wider when The View asked viewers what their take on the experience was. Comments ranged from people who stop talking to anyone who submarines, questions about their lack of self-awareness, and GIFs dismissing the entire thing.

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