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12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With A Person Who Is Evil

Pranksters Share Stories About The Subtle Ways They Have Messed With Others


A complex, well-executed prank is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s:

  • An obnoxious co-worker’s car on the roof,
  • wallpapering a friend’s car with post-it notes,
  • or stacking cups half-filled with water all around a room,
  • these big pranks are majestic in their scope.

But sometimes, you want something simpler. A prank so subtly-done that the prankee questions whether anything even happened is beautiful in its own way, like a bonsai tree next to an enormous California Redwood.

Read on for twenty-four small, devious pranks that might just have you guessing if they’ve ever happened to you!

1. That’s The Way The Fencepost Crumbles: “I make up phrases that are supposed to sound profound and deep but are actually just nonsense. For example, I might say, “Well, as they always say, the grass doesn’t care how close it grows to the fence post”. The person will attempt to interpret it and perhaps, on some superficial level, the analogy might make sense.” (dwc1970)

1Fence Armour

2. …Wait: “Texting people on my phone that I can’t find my phone. For example, my friend and I were moving stuff in his house and afterward, we went back to my place. I realized I left my phone over there and told him I would walk over, it was like a 5-minute walk. Once I got my phone I texted him I couldn’t find it. 2 minutes later I see him coming in his car down the road. He realizes, flips me off and heads back to my house.” (RaptorsCdwoods)

3. Beautiful: “When someone is being sexist/racist, I just pretend not to understand what they mean, and keep asking questions and making them explain what they’re saying, until they get so uncomfortable they have to stop. Wide eyes and an innocent look help here.” (SimonJester74)


4. So THAT’S Why It Happens!: “When I was working as a cashier, if I saw someone leave my line to wait in a shorter one, I was immediately on a mission to get through my customers as fast as possible. I wanted him/her to see that leaving my line was the wrong decision.” (deleted)

5. Suspicious Subtraction: “I walk up to my friends and say “Hey, it’s my [number of people in the group -1] favorite people.” It’s fun to watch their faces as they try and figure out what they might have done to anger me. It’s even better if someone corrects me because I get to respond, “Sorry, my [number of people in the group -2] favorite people.” (IndecisionSyndrome)

5Emily Pollock

6. Messing Aroung: “I travel a lot, and I happen to be Swedish. Everyone knows Sweden is a “good” country where equality matters and we care about the environment. I use this to casually tell people when having pizza abroad that “Wow you guys still have round pizzas? We banned those in Sweden over 20 years ago” I then explain we realized the square pizza boxes left unused room in the corners, which was consider wasteful and environmentally bad.” (firebearhero)

7. Smoke and Mirrors: “Another one. I have a party trick where I can exhale smoke from nothing at all. The other day, I was on a train, and when I tried to warm up a girl’s cold hands, she mentioned that my hands are really warm. I quickly replied, “Oh, you don’t know Swedes are naturally the warmest people on Earth? It has to do with surviving in a cold climate.” They looked at me, not knowing what to believe and I added, “Sometimes it can lead to some weird side effects, I can show you if you want.” They don’t really look convinced, but they tell me to go on. Before I do, I ask to borrow someone’s water bottle for a sip of water. I take a sip, inhale for five seconds, then breathe out. This is how I convince people Swedes are so warm we turn water into smoke.”

8. I see What You Did There: “When I’m writing, I usually make the footnotes longer than the main body of my writing. TL;DR: In a document/post/message produced by myself, I will sometimes add a footnote or ‘P.S.’ or anything along those lines at the end that’s actually longer than the main body. It actually contains the same (if not less) information than the main body, rendering it completely redundant.”

9. In Control: “Back in the mid-2000’s, there was  a device called the tv-b-gone, which was basically a universal remote control. During class, I would always turn on or off the in-class tv when an old bully walked by. The teacher got mad, and the bully got detention twice. It’s the little things in life.” (egyeager)

10. Well Played: “My wife used to play a couple of computer puzzle games and was quite proud of beating my high scores. What she didn’t realize was the high score table was a plain text file in the directory… so every time she beat my score, I edited the file to put myself on top again. She would play for days trying to top me.” (theottomaddox)


11. By Any Other Name: “When I’m ordering from a fast food place or Starbucks, and they ask me for my name, I’ll respond with the name of the person taking my order regardless of gender. They’ll usually kind of give you a sideways look of confusion, and I just continue making eye contact, deadly serious.” (baifan)

12. Oh, That’s Just Evil: “When meeting people for the first time I say, “Nice seeing you again!” Sometimes they’ll go along with it so they don’t appear rude for not remembering me. Other times they respond, “Yeah nice seeing-wait, what?” (Ultramarathoner)

13. Achievement Unlocked: “As a former locksmith, every time I take someone to my house for the first time, I get down, take out my gear and pick the lock instead of using my keys. It’s hilarious making people think I’m breaking into my own house!” (TAMADEJIJI)

14. Lucky Penny: “There’s this guy who sits opposite me who is a salesman and a bit of a tough talker. Think of a mix of Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad and Dwight Schrute from the Office. He has a lucky coin that he’s very protective of that he needs to leave standing on it’s side. For whatever reason, I decided to subtly mess with him. Every day for about 3 weeks I got to work early and added another identical coin to his desk, right next to his lucky coin – I get to about 15 coins all up. What made this fun for me is that he just had no way of dealing with it. This big tough guy would come in every day and see this small army of coins standing to attention on the side of his desk. He wouldn’t ever talk about it, and just go to work awkwardly surrounded by coins. Eventually, I got bored so I started adding googly eyes to them and making them into little tableaus.” (MeltingDog)

15. Hole In One: “I used to work as a cashier at a grocery store and I had quite a few ways to mess with people. It wasn’t to give them a hard time or anything, it was just to keep myself entertained. Anyway, my favorite one: anytime bought a bundt cake… I’d look left, look right, lean in and whisper: “Sir/Ma’am…there’s a hole in this cake.” (notalife)

16. Stranger Than Fiction: “I used to a know a Harry Potter fan who wrote a lot of fan fiction, and she flipped her lid just a few minutes after her trip to the bathroom during which I set her autocorrect to change Voldemort to He Who Must Not Be Named.” (KeybladeSpirit)

GIFSec.comViral Viral Videos

17.  Running Man: “When I’m walking in front of a stranger and turn a corner, I sprint for a couple of seconds when they can’t see me. By the time they turn the corner, I’m 15-20 meters in front of where I should be.” (deleted)

18. Nice: “Calmness! Dramatic and entitled adults HATE a soothing voice and a slow, condescending head nod. I’m not a jerk, but when people are unreasonable, I absolutely refuse to argue. This approach will get under peoples skin ten times out of ten.” (cupcakefarts)

18Emily Pollock

19. It’s a gas: “My uncle’s friend had a new truck, and my uncle was really tired of him bragging about what great gas mileage he got. So for 3-4 weeks, he drove to the guy’s house and put extra gas in his car. One week he started siphoning the gas. The dude freaked, he took it to the shop, switched gas brands, drove slowly – couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his truck. My uncle finally told him what he’d be doing. He never bragged about his car again.” (Rambles_Off_Topics)

20. Take Note: Take notes. This works brilliantly with angry customers, but even better with your boss. When you’re faced with a meeting with your supervisor, especially one where they feel like they’re in a power position, take a notepad with you and take notes of EVERYTHING they say. It instantly ruins their power trip by making them question everything they say. My union rep at an old job used this trick to stop them from firing me illegally. The killer? He didn’t even write anything, his pen ran out on the first word, he just sat and faked it the whole time.” (deleted)


21. Wow!!! What A Good Idea!!!: “When my neighbors leave notes in the common ares, I add exclamation marks. Always. Just to make every note look a bit more passive-aggressive. Nobody has noticed that I’m doing it, everyone must think they live with the most passive-aggressive neighbors on the planet.” (koproller)

22. Ghosts In The Machine: “In high school computer lab, I would always quickly turn off my computer monitor when my teacher would come around the corner. When he made me turn it back on to see what I was doing, it would always just be whatever it was I had been working on, and he would demand to know what I was doing that I had to hide. This went on for weeks. Then one day while at the computer,  I see my teacher in my peripheral vision, slowly sneaking up beside my desk on his hands and knees trying to get a look at my screen.” (deleted)

23. Elevator Music:  “Every time I’m in an elevator, I turn to whoever’s in there with me, and say, “Man, I was stuck in here for hours the other day. Nearly peed myself when it dropped a little, too. All I did was jump up and down like this.” bounce bounce bounce.” (geared4war)

24. Leaf Him Alone: “I had a roommate in college that rarely went out to drink, but when he did, he got completely trashed and usually had no idea what happened. So whenever we were all drinking together, I and my other roommate began taking leaves from outside and hiding them in his room in places like under his laundry pile, under his bathroom sink, in his jacket pocket etc. So to this day he still thinks he has a “leaf hoarding” habit whenever he goes out to drink with us.” (ivmadeahugemilkshake)


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