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MMA Fighter Instantly Regrets Trash Talking His Opponent

While confidence is definitely necessary when going into an MMA fight, sometimes a little too much can backfire. Pre-game trash talk has been successful for Conor McGregor, however, for fighter Vaso Bakocevic, his boasting didn’t exactly pay off.

Vaso Bakocevic was a little too self-assured when he trashed talked his opponent Anzor Azhiev before the game. ‘I’m going to knock that [expletive] stupid haircut off his [expletive] head Saturday night,’ said Bakocevic as he continued to mock Azhiev. ‘That Justin Bieber hair he got. Yeah, you’re going to see Saturday night.’

However, as Saturday night came, Vaso Bakocevic’s words didn’t quite hold up. The fighter ended up taking quite the beating from Anzor Azhiev, before eventually being choked out in the third round.

Before the fight, Vaso Bakocevic showed the interviewer a video of him and others giving Azhiev the middle finger. To reiterate, Bakocevic continued to give Azhiev the middle finger again, incredibly confident in his ability in the fight.

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