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9 Supermodels Without Makeup

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When we think of Supermodels, we usually think of hair, makeup, beautiful clothes and just an overall glamorous look for a glamorous life. It’s actually pretty hard to imagine how these supermodels would look like on a regular, normal day.

You know, without their hair being all done and without wearing any makeup at all. It would be interesting to see how these girls look like when they aren’t working and just hanging out like us “regular” folks do.

Once you look through all these photos, you’ll notice that these girls aren’t just beautiful when they are covered in layers and layers of makeup. They truly are natural beauties, even when they just wake up in the morning. We’re jealous.

1. Natalia Vodianova is a Russian supermodel and philanthropist. Makeup for her is definitely not a necessity. At all.

2. Irina Shayk is a Russian Supermodel who got her international recognition in 2007 when she signed with intimissimi Lingerie.

Recently the model posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a kitten with no makeup and natural hair. She looks absolutely stunning.

3. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian Supermodel best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 1999. She’s also appeared in numerous other ads.

With her face, we couldn’t imagine looking any different with no makeup, and seeing a photo she posted on Instagram proves that we’re right.

4. If you haven’t heard who Gigi Hadid is then you might be living under a rock. This model can be seen anywhere and everywhere. From the runway to TV appearances to posters.

5. Candice Swanepoel is another Victoria’s Secret Angel from South Africa. She is probably one of the more well-known models in 2017 and she’s gorgeous.

Her more natural photos on her Instagram show that Candice doesn’t need a full face of makeup or her hair to be completely done to look like a model.

6. Pia Wurtzbach is a German-Filipino actress, TV host, model and beauty queen. This multi-talented girl has a unique look to her that appeals to model agencies.

The model posted a photo of herself having lunch on her Instagram page. Her hair is pushed back in a simple pony and she’s wearing almost no makeup. Stunning.

7. Cara Delevingne has been known as having a very particular, unique look in the modeling world. Her eyebrows are definitely her most signature look.

Her perfect skin and gorgeous hair make her not even need to wear any makeup or get her hair professionally done. She’s a natural beauty.

#12 Instagram @caradelevigneInstagram @caradelevigne

8. Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian Supermodel, originally gaining her fame in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. She was also the first chosen to be a spokeswoman for the PINK line.

Alessandra posted a photo of herself while on vacation on her Instagram page looking completely natural. Her skin is flawless.

9. Gisele Bundchen is also a Brazilian Supermodel and since 2004, she has been considered amongst one of the highest paid Supermodels in the world. She’s also the wife of football player Tom Brady.

You’d think with the amount of hair and makeup the model gets done and how long she’s been working as a model her skin and hair would be damaged. But it’s actually the complete opposite.


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