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Snake Killed Over Incorrect Suspicion It Had Eaten A Cow

Whether or not you have a phobia of snakes it is comforting to know that not all of them are inherently bad. In fact, some of them are quite cute and many people keep them as pets. However, it is always important to take precautions when it comes to non-domesticated animals.

There have been nightmare fuel stories about boa constrictors sizing up their ‘parents’ and that usually means that they are measuring them to see if you’re small enough to be swallowed…

And although not all snakes are like that, it’s safe to assume that most snakes in the wild are best left alone. Or possibly even killed when they pose threat to people or a person’s home. Or in this case, a farm.

Check out what happened after a group of Nigerian locals decided to cut open a live snake for they suspected it had eaten a calf due to it’s large swollen body.

It was most likely fear and an honest assumption that this snake may have eaten a calf, which would tick off any farmer.

This incident took place in Nigeria where local media had reported that the snake had been feasting on local farmers livestock.

Obviously that would be a no go for any farmer. Even when a shark attack happens, it is quite common for said shark to be hunted down and killed.

They decided to cut the snake open to get to the bottom of everything (literally) but when the poor snake was done and killed, they realized they had made a poor assumption.

Upon cutting open the snake thinking to find the carcus of a calf, they instead slit into a pregnant snakes body revealing dozens of eggs, her unborn babies.

These eggs were then removed by the locals, who consider these eggs a rare delicacy. It’s hard to pick a side where to stand because this is definitely animal cruelty, but we also eat several other types of animals, their babies, and their eggs.

It was not particularly clear what type of snake this was, but most snakes have the ability to carry over 100 eggs at a time in their long bodies.

In retrospect, if those eggs went on to feed hungry people in need–perhaps this is for the best. But at the same time, it’s hard to overlook this seemingly careless mistake.

Judging just based on these images and the size of the snake, it appears to be about a foot wide and several meters long. It is most likely an African rock python, although it does share similar features to an anaconda.

Several people online have taken to siding with the locals, mentioning that it was probably for the best that the snake was killed as it would have given birth to 100 more snakes who have the capability of eating livestock as well.

Usually, males are a bit smaller than female snakes who can grow up to and beyond 4.8 metres in length.

No matter what side you take on this event, tragic or beneficial, it’s still quite a lot to take in and kind of makes you wonder how often animals are ‘wrongfully accused’ and then killed.


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