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Tai Chi master ‘Who Can’t Be Hit’ Dukes It Out With MMA Fighter In Crazy Fight

Tai Chi is a relaxing pastime involving flowing movements in a rhythmic pattern. It is often done in open spaces in large groups of older people. However, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts with a huge history behind it. It dates back up to 700 years and it’s practiced for defense training and for its health benefits.

Some people in China still study this form of martial arts, and there are still masters of the art. And then there are other ‘masters’ of modern combat such as MMA who don’t think that Tai Chi can hold up a light against them. Some sources suggest that Tai Chi is a scam and that it doesn’t actually provide its students with helpful techniques to use in modern day combat.

In order to see which martial art was more useful and triumphant, Tai Chi master Wei Lei went up against Chinese MMA fighter and coach Xu Xiaodong. Wei Lei used a method called ‘thunder-style’ and was supposed to be impossible to hit.

Do you think that the non-aggressive historical techniques of Tai Chi are enough to face off against the superior footing and flying punches of an MMA master? Check out the video on the next page to see the outcome.

It all happens pretty fast. As soon as the fight begins, they opponent’s circle each other for a little while, before Xiaodong went in with a wave of punches. Lei seems to be avoiding them for a certain period, keeping his arms in front of him for a few seconds and maneuvering the jabs, until he stumbles backwards.

His entire thunder style went down the drain once Xiaodong unleashed his fast hands and technique. Although Wei and other Tai Chi fans probably don’t deny his abilities, it’s pretty apparent that modern martial arts are superior to some of the older ones.

Whether Tai Chi is a scam or not is hard to say for sure. There are probably some people who strongly feel that way, but those people probably haven’t done the research on its history.


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