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Watch How These Tattoos Incorporate Their Birthmarks


Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and over the years people have been getting more and more creative with them. Far gone are the days of simple ‘Mom’ or ‘Heart’ tattoos. Now there are all sorts of different styles and techniques such as

  • WaterColor,
  • Stick and Poke,
  • Bamboo.

And now, people are using tattoos to cover up imperfections such as scarring or birthmarks! It’s so cool to see the way these creative artists have transformed and incorporated the different shaped and colored birthmarks.

Here are 16 tattoos that incorporate the person’s birthmark.

1. No longer a blotchy birthmark, now it’s been turned into a famous painting. It’s pretty ironic how similar this girl’s birthmark is to the actual painting.  

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.05.31 PMthechive

2. And this one has been transformed into a person’s hair being held back with a bandana.

3. For this one, you can barely tell what part is the birthmark! If you look closely at the cat’s footprints, you’ll notice the first one is a little bit lighter in color. Did you notice? 

4. This one incorporates what looks to be a little bit of watercolor-style tattooing with some fine lines for the definition to turn this red birthmark into a colorful rose.  

5. Once a circular birthmark, now an athlete’s basketball. I wonder if the person who has this tattoo plays the sport or is a huge fan.

6. This one must have been kind of tricky to come up with. It would have been a pretty large tattoo to cover up or redesign so instead it’s become Charmander’s flame.

7. Everyone probably recognizes this one. This guy turned his birthmark into one of Pacman’s power cookies.

8. The perfect color and shape to get transformed into a wooly mammoth. Some of these are so well done that the birthmark is almost completely disguised.

9. You’ll need to see the before photo to see the birthmark on this one. The picture on the left is the outline of the new tattoo over a large brown birthmark. Once it’s been turned into an owl it’s completely disguised.

10. Believe it or not, several people have birthmarks that are speckled like this so it almost looks like a chocolate chip cookie. This person had one so round they decided to add a Cookie Monster. Must have been a pretty painful piece.

11. Remarkably, this birthmark looks a lot like splattered blood, so this person took the opportunity to turn it into a popular and recognizable image.

12. This person turned a pretty dark brown birthmark into a beautiful sea turtle. This one is for all the nature lovers out there.

13. You can barely tell there was a birthmark here at all. Birthmarks can be really tiny or more noticeable like this one. It’s cool to know that there’s an artistic option if someone wants to hide them.

14. Even without the landmarks and compass, this person’s tattoo really does look a lot like a map of a fictional piece of land.

15. Keeping up with the theme of birthmarks-turned-maps, here’s this one. It’s a great conversation starter and you can try to convince people that it’s based on a real map.

16. If your thing is minimalist tattoos, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s simple and sweet and it incorporates the birthmark by turning it into a sandy beach. 


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