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5 Tattoos Even Tattoo Artists Refuse To Do

4. Names: Some tattoo artists refuse to do name tattoos. Unless it has something to do with someone who has passed away, some tattoo artists will advise you against getting a name tattooed on your body forever.

One reddit user shared that a man came in with his girlfriend requesting that he have her name tattooed onto his neck. However, the girl seemed quiet and unsure. When the artist asked the girlfriend if this was what she really wanted she said no. Hopefully he didn’t through with it. 

Realistically, you’ll most likely be able to find someone who will tattoo a name for you, there are definitely some situations where this can be seen as inappropriate. One user on reddit shared that after trying to get his initials tattooed onto his finger while intoxicated (a triple threat), the artist told him that if he came back sober he would give him a 70% discount. Turns out the guy never went back and appreciated the artist’s judgement.

You might get a refusal if you go in asking for a celebrity’s name or the name of the guy you’ve been dating for five weeks.

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