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12 Tattoos That Are Stylish And Challenge Conventions Related To The Art


As the years go by, tattoos are becoming way less of a taboo or rebellious act and are used more as a form of expression. Whether it be a tribute to a loved one that has passed away or something as mundane as a pineapple because they’re your favorite fruit, it’s no secret that tattoos are common and accepted now.

Everyone is getting tattoos now, but there are still some crotchety people who will argue that they don’t look good or that they are tasteless.

Well, it’s time to prove them wrong. Tattoos, when done elegantly can actually come out looking pretty stellar. I would say there are tattoos out there that are beautiful enough to be hung on a wall.

People tend to forget that tattoos and tattooing is an art form. Here are 12 elegant tattoos that will prove just that.

1. Cute little whale on this girl’s side! This is a good one to get if you work at a strict job or would rather not show off your tattoo at all times. 

2. I wonder if these are the faces of this person’s pet cats. If I had pet cats I would totally get all of their faces tattooed. Would you get your pet tatted?

3. This one almost looks like a real leaf doesn’t it? I know there are some tattoo artists who actually use real plants and flowers as their inspiration. I wonder if this was one of them. 

4. Koi fish! This would actually make a pretty great couple’s tattoo, wouldn’t you think? If you were that close with your partner it would be adorable. 

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