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Teacher Breaks Up Fight With UFC Choke Hold

Rarely do students know much about a teacher’s life outside of highschool, but one class quickly discovered that theirs may be a UFC fan. After a brawl erupted in class, a teacher managed to put an end to the fight by putting one of the students in a UFC-style choke hold.

In what appears to be a high school science lab, a shoving match between two students took a turn for the ugly as fists started to viciously get thrown. Naturally, one of the other students whipped out their phone to take a video, but they probably didn’t expect the conclusion the fight would come to.


With the two students brawling on the ground and the other classmates cheering, the unidentified teacher felt it was necessary to take things into his own hands. ‘And it’s about to be over in three, two, one,’ the cameraman commentates.

Unexpectedly, the teacher grapples the student and warns him to stop before putting him into a sleeper hold, a mixed martial arts move that could knock out the recipient if held for too long.

With the student in the choke hold still trying to get at his peer, the teacher says, ‘Step off or you’re going to go night night.’  

While the teacher’s less than threatening line made the other students burst into laughter, he did manage to put an end to this impromptu science lab brawl.

The footage was uploaded to LiveLeak where it was quick to go viral, receiving over 100,000 views in just a matter of days.


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