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Teen Was Bullied For His Appearance, Mom Allows Plastic Surgery


Bullying has always been a serious problem at schools. And nowadays with the advent of social media, it has only become more prevalent and pervasive.

According to government statistics, between 25 to 33 per cent of all U.S. students say they have experienced some form of bullying at school.

This stat does not account for cyberbullying however. The statistic also goes on to show that most bullying occurs in middle school, and most often they come in the form of verbal or social bullying. Bullying can have horrendous effects on the victim since it can lead to self harm or even worse, suicide. That’s why when a 15 year old boy named Ryan told his mom that he was being bullied at school, she let him go through a dramatic makeover. Ryan says that he was always picked on for having big ears and being told to ‘fly away.’ He said that ever since grade 6, kids would pick on him and make fun of his ears. It got so bad that by the time he was in grade 8, he begged his mom to be home schooled.

‘If I have the surgery then there wouldn’t be anything to make fun of me about.’ That is what Ryan said when he appeared on the show called ‘The Doctors.’ His family couldn’t afford the operation so Dr. Ordon and his team decided to help Ryan out pro Bono.


Ryan said that starting from when he was six years old, the kids would pick on him because his ears ‘stuck out.’ The name calling ranged from being called ‘little elf’ to ‘Dumbo.’ He said that whenever he tried to walk away, they would just call him a ‘little girl.’


He said that the constant bullying ‘destroyed [his] confidence’ and it made him want to stay home ‘and not go to school anymore.’ Meanwhile, his mother had no clue that he was being bullied and harassed at school.


On the show, his mom said: ‘I was surprised, I didn’t realize that he was isolating himself until he told me that there was an issue of kids bullying him at school. It was hard to hear that he was being bullied, that crushed my heart.’


Dr. Ordon said that through the Ordon and Chopra Plastic Surgical Foundation they were going to ‘give back’ to the community. Dr. Ordon said that Ryan’s story had ‘compelled’ him to give him this surgery free of charge. 


The Ordon and Chopra foundation are composed of two highly trained plastic surgeons in Andrew Ordon and also Ritu Chopra. The pair are specialists in their fields and focus on plastic surgery for celebrities.


Dr. Chopra is a co-host on the Emmy nominated show ‘The Doctors’ and Dr. Chopra is the plastic surgery correspondent to the show. Between the two experts they have appeared on shows such as Dr. Phil, ABC’s 2020 and also Entertainment Tonight.

Dr. Ordon goes on to explain the procedure that he is going to perform: ‘two things: we remove that excess causing his ears to stick out [and] the second component is creating a natural roll on his ear.’


The video segment goes on to showcase the intricacies (and details) of the operation but due to its graphic nature, we can probably emit that part out. But in the end, Dr. Ordon draped in his surgical robe and face mask, says ‘new ear, just say no to bullying.’


After the surgery, Ryan makes an appearance on a live showing of ‘The Doctors.’ During the show he says ‘I’m feeling really good, I’m not afraid to take pictures like I used to be.’ The panel of guests reinforces his new look by saying ‘Hollywood, here you come!’


The ear pinning surgery helped Ryan regain the confidence that he was missing and his mother said ‘it’s just great to see him back to his old self. When he was younger he was just perfectly fine.’


Ear pinning, also known as otoplasty, is a small incision in the back of the ear where surgeons can then sculpt and bend the cartilage as they please to create the look that their clients want. The surgery is said to take about two hours and in the end only a faint scar will be left on the back of the ear.

A doctor on the panel said: ‘it is so important when we correct something but I want you to know that what you learned from being the victim and coming out now on the other side, really makes you a stronger person.’ 


She continued by saying: ‘and for people who are suffering right now, this is a reflection on the person doing the bullying and not a reflection on who you are a person.’ And it seems like Ryan embraces that notion since he appears to love himself once again.


And for those who are struggling with any form of bullying, find someone you can trust to talk to. 


Whether it be a school Councillor or a parent, or sibling, having someone to talk to and get advice from can be the first step to solving the problem.



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