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Teen Cheerleader Alleged To Have Buried Baby Alive In Backyard


It has been pretty apparent that parents nowadays are either very young or much older. Very rarely do we see a ‘traditional’ family anymore with one middle-aged breadwinner, with a slightly younger person who stays at home, and two kids who are about 2 to 3 years apart. This ‘conventional’ family portrait is no longer the norm and teen parents are becoming more and more regular.

However, an 18-year-old woman has been accused of burying an infant outside of her family home.

The judge has since continued her 15,000 dollar bond.

Brooke Skylar Richardson is an 18-year-old woman from Ohio who is alleged to have buried her infant alive outside of her family’s home. A criminal complaint stated that the baby died on May 7.

The attorney for the young woman argues that she is a ‘very good person’ and that she has a history of working with disabled children.

During a court hearing in the southwest Ohio city of Franklin, Brooke pleaded not guilty to a reckless homicide charge. The judge has since continued her bond.

The prosecutor, David Fornshell, said that the charge was based on evidence that supports the notion that the baby was ‘born alive and was not a stillborn baby.’

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