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Teen Asks Drill Instructor ‘What’s Up?’ And Learns A Valuable Lesson

In this funny video, a marine in training learns the hard way how you’re not supposed to speak to a drill instructor. Whether this is teenage attitude or the poor guy was tipped off by recruiters, it’s clear that this guy made a solemn mistake when he decided to say “what’s up”.  

Perhaps as a Poolee, someone who has already completed the mental and physical exams and has signed up to become a marine, but has not yet left for their recruit training, was feeling a little over confident during this running drill.


Any aspect of military training is riddled with discipline and respect, as demonstrated by the woman who participates in the drill first, who uses the correct response “aye sir”. When this guy runs up and says “what’s up sir”, with a smirk on his face, things get a little awkward.

You can see it on the faces of his peers sitting in the grass and even the two recruiters in the back who seem to be enjoying the show, that this guy has definitely made a mistake. Check out what the drill instructor does next.

In the seconds following this poolee’s mix up, his face falls as he realizes that the joke wasn’t taken the right way.  

After an intense stare down, the instructor simply says “run” and boy does buddy take off. Instead of running off in the direction of the drill, he takes off across the field with the drill sergeant chasing him, continuing to yell “run” as he’s close on his heels.


His peers watch and laugh commenting “who’s funny now?” Upon heading back, you can hear the poolee repeating the correct saying over and over again until the return back to the original spot. The drill instructor shoos away another trainee before yelling in the face of the “jokester”. If there’s anything to learn from this, it’s respect the rules and never say “what’s up” to a drill instructor if you’re seriously training to be a marine.

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