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Teen Couple Joke About Buying A House Online And The Internet Didn’t Respond Nicely

Meet the most recent victims of Twitter: Joe O’Brien and Natalia Kaiser. The couple live in Burleson, Texas and met while playing tennis in high school. They have been dating for two years according to Natalia who is 17-years-old and have lived more or less low-key lives until the fateful vacation they took together approximately 2 weeks ago.

The teen couple went on vacation with Joe’s family to North Carolina to visit some of his relatives and, of course like any other teenagers, posted photos to Twitter. In one of the photos, the couple can be seen posing in front of a house wearing matching outfits. The story goes that Joe’s brother and his girlfriend asked the teens to take a photo in front of the house, which is their aunt’s house.

The couple agreed. Once they had a moment to go through the photos, they noticed that the picture looked similar to the photos people post after buying a house. Natalia states, “When I was looking through the photos of us I thought it was really cute but weird that we were in front of a house…It reminded me of those posts where people tweet about buying a house.”

As a joke, she decided to tweet the photo and pretend that she and her boyfriend bought the house together. Neither she nor Joe thought that anyone would take them seriously, but Twitter proved them wrong.

Her caption also imitated the way that people sound when they make these posts for real. She wrote, “We just bought our first house at the age of 17&16. So proud of how hard we worked these last few years to get it 😁.”

Natalia’s main goal was to make her friends laugh. She said, “I captioned it that just as a joke clearly stating our ages because I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to buy a house that young.”

Of course, the joke went over the heads of many people and for whatever reason, it seemed to hit a nerve. Do people have too much time on their hands? This is very likely.

To make your life easier here are some of the mean responses they received. Exhibit A: The dude who really hates it when people humble-brag and also doesn’t understand the joke.

Others were convinced that they have a house but unconvinced that they bought it themselves. So they were skeptical, but about the wrong thing. At least it’s something.

Here’s another example of someone who believed that a 17 and 18-year-old’s parents bought their children a house so they can live in it together. In what world?

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that there is an entire thread of people saying things like “this is a joke” before the angry/”but how” comments.

 So in addition to being incomprehensibly outraged, these people are also negligent. If this were a sample of the population, then we would truly be screwed.

Then there were people who were just straight up rude and didn’t even use the house as an excuse. Like this person was just flat out like, “I bet you guys are really weird”

Both Joe and Natalie were pretty surprised at the mean responses they received. Joe even said that Natalia received some pretty awful DMs calling her names and cursing at her. 

Natalia said, “It just showed me how Twitter can just turn people into really bitter people,” and Joe added, “My favorite has to be all the people thinking about this logically and giving reasons on how this is actually possible to buy a house at this young age, which we both know isn’t possible,” he said.

Not everyone was mean though, some people genuinely believed them which is better than being rude and gullible. Even better than that are the people who made jokes about how broke they were in comparison.

Best of all, though, is that the photo for some reason unknown to us has been made a meme. It’s difficult to decide whether this makes you love or hate the internet because this level of ridiculous should be outlawed. For example: what is this? 

And if you thought that was weird, we have news for you: there is no cap on weird. This is not only creepy, but it’s a realization that Twitter has too much power. This is unqualified madness.

In conclusion: wow. Natalia says that she enjoyed reading the responses they received about everyone being broke and says, “I struggle saving money too so we are all in the same boat.” She also added that she’s surprised by everyone who took the joke so seriously. Yeah, we are too.


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