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Most girls pick out their prom dresses months before the big day. Some girls even start planning their prom dresses when they’re just little girls! It’s no easy task to pick out the perfect prom dress that will commemorate one of the biggest nights of your high school career, but when you find that perfect dress, somehow you just know it.

A 17-year-old girl named Shami Oshun decided to take a different route when planning out her prom dress, and the Internet is going crazy about it.

Check out Shami’s story below.

Shami Oshun is a 17-year-old from California. The night before her prom, she did something which most girls would probably never do: she made her dress…with only a few hours at her disposal.

You might be wondering why she waited so long to make her dress. Shami says that the reason she waited so long was because she wasn’t originally planning on going to prom, but decided to go at the last minute.

“I didn’t really have any idea of what the dress was going to look like. I was worried it wasn’t going to be finished,” she said.

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Shami bought some purple fabric for $15 to start making her dress. Then she began the long process of creating the dress, even tweeting about it.

Shami even decided to get a little creative by taking different materials like diamonds from other dresses she owned to add on to her new dress.

Shami worked through a good part of the night to create the dress, hoping that it would turn out wearable. She went online and tweeted: “I have no idea what I’m doing right now just making stuff up as I go.”

Shami clearly has some pretty impressive skills when it comes to design. Right from the beginning, it looks like a professionally-designed dress. It looks like it was inspired by some pretty high fashion too.

Everything was going well right from the start. Then, Shami changed her mind and decided to go in a completely different direction.

Shami didn’t end up finishing the dress the night before prom, so she spent the day of prom finishing it. She even got an old dress and used it in her creation.

At one point Shami’s sewing machine broke (perfect timing, right?) so she had to sew the dress using her hands. If you know anything about making clothes, you know sewing by hand is next level.

Shami received tons of support and love from people on Twitter who cheered her on from the sidelines as she rushed to complete her dress. It was a wonderful sight to see so many strangers support her!

Shami finished her dress just on time, and it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. Not only was it unique and original, but beautiful and creative too.

People all over the Internet were freaking out about the dress, praising her for her creativity and ability to pull it off in such a short amount of time.

People were giving her all sorts of compliments, while others simply called her a queen.

Shami ran into some wardrobe difficulties at the actual dance but brushed it off like it was nothing. She took the tulle off her dress and turned one already beautiful dress into another beautiful dress!

Kudos to Shami for pulling together a gorgeous dress in a matter of hours. We definitely see fashion and design in her future!


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