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Teen Finds Out She Has More Than One Doppelgänger

Do you remember the classic film The Parent Trap? When two girls are sent away to summer camp only to meet each other and realize that they look exactly alike and are in fact twins? Whether you saw the original or were totally convinced that Lindsay Lohan was two people, it’s definitely something we’ve all thought about. What would you do if you ran into someone who looked exactly like you? Finding a doppelgänger can be:

  • Scary
  • Confusing
  • Exciting?

The thought of walking down the street and seeing a stranger who looks like they could be related to you, would probably be both strange and unexpected. That’s exactly what happened to 17-year-old Santana Gutierrez from Las Vegas.

While shopping in the mall one day, Gutierrez stumbled upon a girl who looked strangely like her. She explained in an interview with BuzzFeed that so many things had to be in place in order for them to have met. After exchanging contact information the girls took a photo together which Gutierrez shared to Twitter. Since the meeting in September, the photo has been retweeted over 20,000 times and she has received some very interesting replies. People could barely believe what they were seeing and were shocked that there was no relation. On top of all that, there are more clones!

Gutierrez explains that the mall in which she met her twin, Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, was not the closest to her and the only reason she went there was because there was an Apple store.

While she and a friend were walking throughout the mall, they were approached by a girl named Isobel who was working for The Save The Children Fund. She asked Gutierrez if she would like to hear about her organization but all that Gutierrez could focus on was the fact that they looked extremely similar.

“I kind of felt bad ‘cause I wasn’t listening to what she was saying,” Gutierrez explained. Isobel seemed to notice the resemblance too, and after a laugh they exchanged numbers and took the photo.

The photo gained a lot of attention with people asking the girls whether or not they were related in any way. People seemed to be shocked that there was no deeper connection between them. Not only do they have similar wavy brown hair, but their facial features and build are also similar.

Just when she thought it was over, things got a little bit crazy at the start of January when a photo of another twin was shared on Twitter. Now twitter user @allyholtt joins the lookalikes featuring the same dimples and eye shape. One user commented that they’re triplets now.

Gutierrez shared that when she saw the picture of @allyholtt she was so freaked out that she actually showed her parents who have confirmed that she does not have any secret sisters. But would you be convinced? She shared with BuzzFeed that several people told her that her parents “had some explaining to do.”

 The resemblance is so uncanny, that even we are having trouble telling the girls apart. In this side by side comparison, it’s almost impossible to tell whether the girl beside Gutierrez is Isobel or @allyholt. In this case it’s @allyholt.

At this point, Gutierrez probably thought that that was going to be it for the doppelgängers but the internet kept finding and bringing forward more girls who mysteriously share the same facial features. People are completely baffled by the resemblances between the growing number of girls.

People were straight up freaking out and are still unable to believe that there is no DNA connection between the strangers. Someone commenting that this is “literally the start of Orphan Black” which Gutierrez admits she’s never seen.

The girls got so much popularity on their story that Orphan Black retweeted a joke about the whole ordeal.

 Just when the madness seemed to be over, celebrities were pointed out as sharing resemblances with this growing group of doppelgängers. One Twitter user shared that the girls also look like Samantha Boscarino, and another shared a photo of Aul’i Cravalho.

Santana told BuzzFeed that she’s still in contact with her original twin, Isobel, and that she thinks that it would be funny for all the doppelgängers to meet up and do a photo shoot in matching outfits.


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