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Teen’s Response When Her Ex Asked For His Prom Money Back Has People Talking

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Prom is perhaps the biggest night of the year for any high school student. It is the culmination of four years of learning, growing, friendships and heartbreaks. Students take their proms very seriously, sometimes even spending thousands of dollars on the perfect outfit, a ride to the party, and the celebration that follows.

Recently a high school senior from Colorado had her heart broken when her boyfriend of one year called her a week before prom and broke up with her. Not only did he break up with her, but he also asked her for his money for prom back.

Her response is absolutely epic, and the whole Internet is talking about it.

The high school senior is Maria, who, like most high school seniors, was extremely excited for prom night. When her boyfriend called her and told her that it wasn’t working out, she was heartbroken.

As if this wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Maria later found out that her ex was, in fact, going to the prom with an entirely different girl!

What’s worse is that he even had the audacity to ask Maria for the $95 back that he spent on purchasing things for prom.

In a text, he wrote: “However you need to get my money back is up to you. I can pick it up, or you can drop it off whichever is convenient for you. I need it today or tomorrow.”

A heartbroken and upset Maria wanted to figure out a way she could get back at her ex for wronging her the way he did. She wanted to mess with him just a bit.

She didn’t exactly want to harm or hurt him in anyway, but she wanted to do something harmless that would show him that what he did was completely wrong.

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So she came up with a plan.

Maria went to various different banks to collect the $95 for her ex-boyfriend…only, she didn’t collect the money in bills. Instead, she collected the $95 entirely in pennies.

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Maria collected so many pennies that there were enough to fill up three massive jars and even one smaller jar (that’s a lot of pennies).

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She left a short note by the jars which said simply: “Here’s every cent of your $95. Have fun at prom :)”

Maria then decided that she wanted to post what happened to her on social media, putting her ex-boyfriend on serious blast.

She posted a tweet about it and it said: “My ex of 11 months dumped me a week before prom and he asked for his money back to go to another prom.”

Her tweet was received well by countless supporters. People from all over the world started retweeting the post and posting comments of support and praise for her extreme pettiness.

Some people gave her props, while others even labeled her as their hero.

Of course, the ex had a response as well, writing on Twitter: “When you break up with your crazy [expletive] ex and she swears she pissed you off but really she just made you laugh. I can’t wait for prom 2k17.”

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Luckily for Maria, one of her good friends asked her to go to prom with him shortly after the breakup, and as far as her ex goes…well, that’s just his loss, isn’t it?


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