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The Hammer Has Fallen On Teen’s Auction To Sell Her V-Card And The Amount Is Staggering

There are a lot of unconventional ways to make money, but few generate as much profit as what some women have decided to sell. Multiple women have chosen to auction off their v-card and have received substantial compensation for doing so, previous publicized auctions include:

  • Alina Percea,
  • Rosie Reid,
  • Rebecca Bernardo,
  • Carys Copestake.

While many of these purity auctions have become high-profile, there are few that have been documented with actually being completed. However, an 18-year-old Romanian student recently announced her plans to auction off her v-card and the sale is reportedly coming to a close.

The teenager has revealed her reasoning behind the controversial auction and the plans that have been made to finalize the deal.

18-year-old Aleexandra Khefren made headlines when she appeared on the British daytime television show, “This Morning,” and explained her plans to auction off her v-card as well as to advertise herself to future bidders.

Khefren explained that she wouldn’t settle for less than a million euros and hoped that the money would pay for her university education and to help out her parents.

Khefren This MorningYouTube / This Morning

The Romanian teenager told her parents that she was heading out of the country for a modeling gig and stated that she doesn’t think that her parents would ever find out.

Unfortunately for Khefren, the news eventually went global and her parents threatened to disown her if she went through with her unconventional money making scheme. However, Khefren has made it clear that she’s determined to go through with the auction despite her parents’ pleas.

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