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Teenagers Get Killed While Robbing A Man’s House, Family Protesting Homeowner’s Actions

Three teenagers recently broke into a home in Oklahoma, and were shot with lethal force by the homeowner. The law of the right to bear arms allows any homeowner the right to use lethal force in the face of such danger. However, the use of this right and violence is being called into question by Leroy Schumacher, grandfather of one of the boys. 

Three teenagers, aged 18, 17 and 16, broke into the Peters family home armed with brass knuckles. The homeowner’s son, Zach Peters, exchanged some words with the teenagers when they broke into his home. After this, Zach shot in self defense, killing all three teens using an AR15 rifle.

Authorities believe Zach was acting within the “self-defense clause”, where should a person break into your house, the use of lethal defense is allowed. In the aftermath of this crime, the families of all three teenagers are left wondering if the lethal force used by Zach Peters was absolutely necessary. 

One of the teenagers’ grandfathers, Leroy Schumacher, believes the deceased teen boys actions were not intelligent. However, he also doesn’t think the violence used against them was warranted. Leroy reminds everyone that they were just teenagers, and perhaps the use of lethal force against boys was unjustified. 

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