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Terminally Ill Cancer Patient Inspires Others Via Social Media To Be Kind To One Another And It’s Working

Unless you’ve seen #BeccaToldMeTo trending on Twitter, you may not know about Becca Schofield and her attempt to give back during her last few months of life. The 17-year-old has already inspired hundred of people to donate a bit of their time or money to help others in need.  

Schofield was given terrible news earlier this month, when she learned that her cancer had returned and that there were several new tumors. She was given between three months and one year, but didn’t give up her fight to help change the world before she goes.


On her bucket list was to create “a mass act of kindness”, and one she still considers unfinished until she sees her hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo trend worldwide. The idea is simply to “do something to make someone smile”, and then send out the result with the attached hashtag.

Hundreds of people in her hometown and nearby have jumped on board, with examples of charity and kindness sweeping Twitter. One man paid for a young mother’s gas when her credit card was declined, and another woman bought gloves, socks and food for a homeless man. Both gave credit to Schofield for the inspiration.

As the idea of kindness spreads, residents are giving back to the Schofield family by donating money so that they can be together through her final days. They’ve given enough that both parents will be taking a leave of absence from their jobs, while her sister is delaying her next semester of school.  

Schofield says that the deed “can be as big or as small as you like. Donate to charity, volunteer your time or even just do the dishes without your parents asking.” As town councilwoman Tammy Rampersaud puts it, “What she has asked folks to do — it seems like something so small but it’s not.”


So go out and do something nice, or just try to make someone smile today and be sure to tweet out the deed with #BeccaToldMeTo. Let’s get it trending worldwide and make this young girl’s unselfish dream come true.

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