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15 Terrible Tattoo Face Swaps That Demonstrate How Awful Some Tattoos Are

Anyone who has a tattoo knows how much time it should take to really think about what you want, why you want it and where you want it. People who get tattoos want it there for forever, so they are cautious.

After you really figured out what you want, you need to start picking your artist. Finding the right tattoo artist is like finding your partner in life, they really have to understand what you want and fit your “vibe.”

But there are people who love to live on the edge and their impulse makes them rush into things. Sometimes what you had in mind for a tattoo won’t always look the same way. We have to admit it’s pretty funny.

To show you how bad these tattoos truly are, here are 15 terrible tattoo face swaps that compare the ink work with the real life person the tattoo is based on.

1. This guy clearly didn’t check with the artist if he can draw well or not. His representation of this famous singer was completely off.

2. If you want to get a drawing of your favorite animal, do us a favour and make sure the artist knows how to draw one properly.

3. Getting a tattoo of your kids’ faces is really sweet. But unlike this guy, you gotta be extra careful that they don’t look creepy

4. If you are pregnant, or feel like you have to lose a bit of weight, we’d hold off on the tattoos. The drawing could turn out a little stretched out.

5. This guy’s love for Bob Marley is great, but judging by the faceswap we see here the artist clearly didn’t know much about drawing famous faces

6. When Michael Jackson died we’re sure a lot of people got his face tattooed on their body, but unfortunately this guy’s artist got the late singer’s face all wrong.

7. If this person wanted Marilyn Monroe’s face looking like a Tim Burton character, then the mission was definitely accomplished. 

8. Getting the Joker tattooed on your body was a pretty common thing. For some it looked really good, but on others the art just looked like a complete disaster.

9. Again, having your baby’s face tattooed on you is very sweet, but it’s so important to have the tattoo look as close as possible to the actual kid.

10. Could Wayne and Garth look any creepier? The face swap on the actual characters’ bodies makes it pretty clear that the tattoo artist needs to practice on their drawing skills more!

11. First of all, getting a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin is questionable, but if you are going to do it at least make it look good!

12. To be honest we’re not even 100% sure what this tattoo is supposed to be of, but if it’s a dog-bird hybrid the dog’s face is completely off. 

13. If his mom is deceased, then that’s a sentimental tattoo. But if she were alive and to see this tattoo of herself, we don’t think she would be too pleased at how she looks

14. We also don’t think Sheleen would be too happy at the way this tattoo artist thought she looked like. This face swap proves that.

15. A lot of people get a tattoo of  their dog in some way. It could be a quote or their actual face. But this guy got it wrong.


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