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5 Terrifying And Creepy Things Discovered Frozen In Ice


For those used to snowy winters, finding some strange things in the melted snow come spring isn’t that uncommon. However, these discoveries are usually nothing more than everyday lost items such as:

  • A lone mitten,
  • Paper cups,
  • Keys,
  • Dog poop,

While these spring time discoveries might be somewhat mundane, around the world there have been some truly shocking discoveries found within ice.

From mountain expeditions to yard sale deep freezers, here are 5 terrifying and creepy things that have been discovered frozen in ice.

1. During the First World War, there was a fierce mine warfare between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces. This conflict took place in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy.

There were many casualties due to the warfare, but some deaths were due to external forces. On Friday, December the 13th, 1916, an avalanche claimed the lives of 10,000 soldiers.

The day became known as “White Friday” and the remains of soldiers are still being found today as the planet heats up. In 2012, the bodies belonging to two teenage soldiers were discovered in the ice, perfectly preserved.

Both of the discovered bodies had bullet holes in their skulls. Archaeologists were forced to work fast because these fresh bodies can quickly decompose in the warmth.  

2. Not all creepy discoveries are made in the ice that covers the globe. One woman made a very disturbing discovery when she purchased a deep freezer at a yard sale.

56-year-old Marcella Jean Lee sold a freezer to her neighbor for a mere $30 before moving from North Carolina. The freezer was taped up and Lee claimed that it was a time capsule with items inside for a Sunday school project.

Lee was adamant in telling her neighbor to not look inside and that church members would come by to collect the contents within. The neighbor waited for a couple of weeks, but when no one came by to collect anything, she decided to look inside for herself.

In the freezer, was the corpse of Lee’s mother, who died of natural causes. Lee was charged with the felony of failing to report a death.


3. In 1972, A Uruguayan rugby team known as the Old Christians Club boarded a plane on route to Chile. However, the aircraft ended up crashing in the Andes, claiming the lives of more than a quarter of the passengers.

Many of the survivors lost their lives due to the treacherous conditions of the Andes. Those who survived had to listen to the daunting news from radio reports that the search for them had been abandoned.

Luckily, two survivors made a 10-day trek across the mountain range and eventually got in contact with authorities. The other survivors were located and airlifted from the scene of the crash.

26 days after the survivors were rescued, a group of men lead by a priest went to the location of the crash to bury the deceased. They made the grisly discovery that the survivors stayed alive by eating the flesh of those who perished in the crash.

ice12 |

4. In southern Sweden, 26-year-old Jeffer Sandström decided to embrace the frozen Scandinavian waters and go for a skate out on the Jönköping lake.


However, Sandström’s leisurely skate became unexpectedly interrupted by a shocking sight. At first, the man thought he’d come across a piece of foam rubber.

Upon closer speculation, he realized it was a fox frozen in the lake with only its whiskers piercing through the ice surface.

Sandström believes that the fox had fallen through the ice and failed to make it back onto the surface. He admitted to Daily Mail that he promptly returned home after the discovery. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t next.  

5. On September 19th, 1991, two German tourists were hiking in the Ötztal Alps, a mountain range in the Central Eastern Alps. The tourists ended up discovering a corpse, which they thought may have belonged to a recently deceased mountaineer.

Three days later, the body was extracted and brought to the office of a medical examiner in Innsbruck, Austria. The corpse was examined by archaeologist Konrad Spindler, who discovered that this uncovered body was far from recent.

It was found that the body was about four thousand years old, which was discovered due to the tools that were found on him.


Now known as “The Ice Man” or Ötzi, this discovery became Europe’s oldest known human mummy.



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