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5 Terrifying And Creepy Things Discovered Frozen In Ice

2. Not all creepy discoveries are made in the ice that covers the globe. One woman made a very disturbing discovery when she purchased a deep freezer at a yard sale.

56-year-old Marcella Jean Lee sold a freezer to her neighbor for a mere $30 before moving from North Carolina. The freezer was taped up and Lee claimed that it was a time capsule with items inside for a Sunday school project.

Lee was adamant in telling her neighbor to not look inside and that church members would come by to collect the contents within. The neighbor waited for a couple of weeks, but when no one came by to collect anything, she decided to look inside for herself.

In the freezer, was the corpse of Lee’s mother, who died of natural causes. Lee was charged with the felony of failing to report a death.


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