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A Texas Wendy’s And Neighboring Store Are Beefing And The Signs Are Hysterical

You may already be acquainted with Wendy’s savagery thanks to their public roasting of several Twitter users early this year. This new bout of savagery, however, takes their game to the next level. According to reports, an assistant manager at Pure Water Ice & Tea Company in Lubbock, Texas put up a sign announcing that local football hero, Kliff Kingsbury was welcome to drink for free:

beef 1 Facebook: Pure Water Ice and Tea Company

Coincidentally, Pure Water is located across the street from Wendy’s, which responded to this kind gesture by changing their sign to: “Hey Kliff, hungry and thirsty? We got you.” Why exactly Wendy’s took offense to Pure Water’s signage is unclear, but things got aggressively competitive, very quickly.

So aggressive in fact, that a sign war was born (to the delight of Lubbock residents and the delight of the internet soon after). The two chains were firing insults and comebacks at each other like it’s nobody’s business. Honestly, whoever was putting these up deserves an award.

Healthy competition is good for the soul, especially when it’s broadcasted all over the internet. Things between Pure Water and Wendy’s got heated quick, and some of the reactions on Twitter are just too accurate. Take @Keely_mcmillan who tweeted “@Wendys is an above average savage. #amirite” Do you agree?

1-0 Wendy’s. But Pure Water was not about to buckle—they took it up a notch. Things got personal. Shots were fired. Who in the world is in charge of these signs? All of these thoughts are running through our heads while the war rages on:

Of course, this whole battle went deservedly viral and we never want it to end. There’s good news on that front. According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, since it’s all in good fun, the two stores have no intention of settling down anytime soon.

So we call on the good people of Lubbock to continue tweeting images of these signs because they are giving everyone life. See below.

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