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10+ Hilarious Examples Of Textbook Vandalism By Bored Students

For teachers, textbooks are crucial learning instruments that help aid school lessons both inside and outside of school. For the more distracted students, textbooks are a blank canvas just waiting to be vandalized with each educational illustration. While most pages end up being plagued with curse words and cartoon genitalia, there are some pupils who are more creative with their school property destruction.


Whoever ended up receiving these defaced textbooks probably had to explain their untimely laughter mid-class, but that’s the beauty of solid coursebook mischief, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, from one bored student to the next.

Here are 24 hilarious examples of textbook vandalism that are so clever they should really be forgiven.

1. Who doesn’t love a little mystery when they crack open their well-used textbook at the beginning of a new semester? While some textbook defacers are all about the surprise, there are some that like to let the new reader work for it. This past student created a little page-flipping game leading up to the final reveal of one haggard looking Stitch. Worth it? If it’s in a class you’re not fond of, then probably.

Imgur / Imahappyguy

2. Never underestimate a bored student’s ability to turn a completely innocuous illustration into something completely obscene. A wholesome, historic drawing of a father returning home to his son for a long-awaited embrace? Not for long. Arriving home while using a magnifying glass, despite wielding a gun, to incinerate a child’s skull while skateboarding? Now that’s more like it.

3. If you are struggling to understand a certain lesson, chances are, you’re going to end up staring at some pages longer than the average person. This can lead to completely worthless revelations such as this. Was this ever-so-subtle font change a mistake or an easter egg for bored students?

4. This enhanced version of Momoko riding a motorcycle to pick up party favors really justifies why anyone would invite someone whose contribution to a soiree is fruit. Sometimes all it takes is a little white out and a lot of imagination to make a mundane illustration more visually exciting.

5. Most people might just see a textbook illustration of Neanderthals, but this student saw an opportunity for a real rock band, “Neanderthallica.” As a teacher, could you really bring yourself to be mad if you came across this defaced page? You have to admire the wit and artwork at the very least.

6. Instructive CPR illustrations are crucial in understanding how to save someone’s life effectively through visual means, but they are also a landmine for comic vandalism gold. One glance at this student’s occult reimagining of a life-saving operation and it’s hard to look at the original illustration the same way ever again.

7. It’s not always the elaborate textbook destruction that warrants a smirk, sometimes all it takes is a couple of words. This student saw an opportunity to incorporate some torturously catchy song lyrics in their lesson on defining love, which is guaranteed to get the song stuck in the head of whoever landed on this page.

8. Having tiny images that cut off the full body are just asking for some creative extensions. Textbooks are often a little too serious for their own good, which makes it only natural that a student will feel the need to lighten the mood. These philosophers went from being stern to partaking in a merry frolic with a little extra ink.

9. The many writers behind these textbooks work tirelessly to make sure that the knowledge they are relaying is done precisely and without any sense of doubt for the reader. However, all it takes is one student to draw up a quick Morpheus sketch to make future pupils question everything they just read.

10. It doesn’t very take long when sifting through a history textbook to realize that times were pretty tough for the common folk. This distracted student took food rationing to a new extreme with this reimagining of a woman casually indulging in another man’s vomit. No one said history was pleasant.

11. While it’s unclear what exactly was happening in this original illustration, it’s safe to assume that it probably had nothing to do with a group of men transporting a couple mid-coitus. There are no limitations when you have a pen and a penchant to do anything but what you’re supposed to be doing.

12. The casualties of war are sometimes of more epic proportions than imaginable. Initially, this illustration was seemingly just of people transporting goods. However, this student decided the scene could use a much more grim makeover. From dead bodies to severed giant limbs, this part of history just got a lot more interesting.

13. You know what tends to be missing from most educational textbooks? Former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. This student impressively managed to conjure up Kobe in this page of a textbook from Asia with the help of a little pencil crayon. Wonder what reading material that scroll has to offer.

14. You definitely won’t find much modern technology when scavenging through a history textbook, but that didn’t stop this student from revising theirs for a more contemporary audience. You have to wonder what this man would be searching up and also how he manages to see through that visually-intrusive headpiece.

15. Seeing through the eyes of a student who doesn’t want to pay attention in class comes with a lot more inspiration than one might think. Teachers may just see hair, but this pupil saw so much more. It’d be one thing to just draw a bird on this guy’s head, but there was more of a story to be told here.

16. Never underestimate the power of white out. It may be one of the less necessary tools when it comes to writing by hand, but whiteout can really open up some creative gates when it comes to textbook defacing. Who knew the history of the New York Yankees went so far back?

17. There’s no denying that there were some questionable fashion choices throughout history, which is why one student felt the need to justify this man’s hairstyle. A little cartoon fan and this picture have been given an explanation beyond the frame. Was it a windy day or was this look trendy back then?

18. Only the eyes of a prepubescent boy could look at this mathematical graph and see the potential for a lounging woman’s body. Math might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this voluptuously drawn woman looks like she’s having the time of her life. Who says math can’t be art?


19. How do you make an illustration depicting war even more polarizing? Throw a vengeful wind up robotic bear into the mix. If this was what history was actually like, chances are, students would be paying a lot more attention and most textbooks would go unscathed by the wrath of busy pens.

20. Whatever was going on here initially looks pretty intense as it is, but that didn’t stop this student from upping the ante. Throw in a flame-adorned motorcycle, a lightsaber, and a skateboard and you’ve swapped this historical scene for something much more blockbuster. Judging by the runaway’s face, this is one rebel with a cause.

21. Whoever thought they could create a textbook logging system that students would abide by was wildly optimistic. Despite the fine print below, it’s pretty obvious that the “pupils” are not so keen on following the rules. However, the names added here are worth at least a smirk before assigning detention.

22. Where there’s a mustache, there’s a way to turn the facial hair’s owner into Nintendo’s most celebrated plumber. To think, historical figures probably assumed that their legacy would live on and on. Little did they know, they would end up being transformed into video game characters by kids who couldn’t care less about who they were.

23. Movement is not always easy to describe through words, which is why illustrations can be so useful to visually explain something. However, whoever was the owner of this physical education textbook clearly isn’t a fan of happy endings. Apparently, perfect form during each step doesn’t always guarantee a safe landing.

24. The loss of a swimsuit was clearly something that was added by a student, but you have to wonder what this swimmer was so initially distraught about. However, it’s admirable that whatever obstacle he faced, he decided to keep on swimmin’ just like everyone’s favorite blue tang fish has always advised.


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