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10+ Hilarious Examples Of Textbook Vandalism By Bored Students

For teachers, textbooks are crucial learning instruments that help aid school lessons both inside and outside of school. For the more distracted students, textbooks are a blank canvas just waiting to be vandalized with each educational illustration. While most pages end up being plagued with curse words and cartoon genitalia, there are some pupils who are more creative with their school property destruction.


Whoever ended up receiving these defaced textbooks probably had to explain their untimely laughter mid-class, but that’s the beauty of solid coursebook mischief, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, from one bored student to the next.

Here are 24 hilarious examples of textbook vandalism that are so clever they should really be forgiven.

1. Who doesn’t love a little mystery when they crack open their well-used textbook at the beginning of a new semester? While some textbook defacers are all about the surprise, there are some that like to let the new reader work for it. This past student created a little page-flipping game leading up to the final reveal of one haggard looking Stitch. Worth it? If it’s in a class you’re not fond of, then probably.

Imgur / Imahappyguy

2. Never underestimate a bored student’s ability to turn a completely innocuous illustration into something completely obscene. A wholesome, historic drawing of a father returning home to his son for a long-awaited embrace? Not for long. Arriving home while using a magnifying glass, despite wielding a gun, to incinerate a child’s skull while skateboarding? Now that’s more like it.

3. If you are struggling to understand a certain lesson, chances are, you’re going to end up staring at some pages longer than the average person. This can lead to completely worthless revelations such as this. Was this ever-so-subtle font change a mistake or an easter egg for bored students?

4. This enhanced version of Momoko riding a motorcycle to pick up party favors really justifies why anyone would invite someone whose contribution to a soiree is fruit. Sometimes all it takes is a little white out and a lot of imagination to make a mundane illustration more visually exciting.

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