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Thailand’s Murder Island Responsible For 7th Death After Backpacker Found Hanged And ‘Half Eaten’

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The island of Koh Tao in Thailand looks like a complete paradise. It’s a tourist’s dream, where they can enjoy the beach and some scuba diving. Tourism has really grown there within the last few years. But behind the beauty, lies a dark secret.

It’s a place where backpackers go to a party and enjoy themselves, and according to one report, there are “enough deaths and suspicious disappearances to warrant the island its own CSI franchise.” Within the last 3 years, seven have been found dead on this island.

The latest one being a young Belgium backpacker who was found hanged and half eaten by lizards on the island. Elise Dallemange, 30, was found on April 28th and police are claiming that she had hanged herself.

These unexplained events have given the island some havoc and according to some are referring to it as a “tourist trap”.

Body parts are found floating in its waters and popping up in its swanky pools. Many fear there is a serial killer walking around these untouched parts of the world.

Elise’s devastated mother Michele Van Egten does not believe the police when they said her daughter hung herself. Not one bit.

Fox News notes that the mother said, “I do not believe what the police have told us. We fear somebody else was involved.”

She continued saying “We’re more and more thinking that the police information is not the right explanation.” The devastated mother has still not received an autopsy report.

Mirror reports that Elise had been living at a yoga and tantra retreat, which neighbored the party island of Koh Phangan, in between traveling around Asia for two years.

The young backpacker was part of the sect of the Sathya Sai Baba cult movement and lived with a self-proclaimed “guru.” She was supposed to leave on a Ferry to go home on April 19th.

But Mirror reports that it is not known why she stopped on the ‘murder island’ instead of continuing on to the mainland.

According to various news reports, Michele claimed that her daughter had used a fake name of “Elise Dubuis” to check into the Triple B Bungalows next to Mae Head Pier on Koh Tao.

Fox News reports that an unexplained fire that evening burned down three bamboo huts-including the one Elise had been staying in. She then fled to the Poseidon Resort.

It was there where she booked another ticket for Bangkok leaving on April 24th. Eight days later locals became suspicious of something lurking around the jungle.

This is when they discovered Elise’s half-eaten body among rocks behind the Tanote Family Bay Resort. Suicide seems very unlikely, as there was no suicide note or message.

According to Australian lawyer Ian Yarwood, “potential tourists to that island need to be warned and not given a sense of false security.” writes that the island is apparently controlled by ruling families and the fact that residents occasionally disappear is nothing out of the ordinary for this destination.

One resident told the Guardian, “the mafia here isn’t the sort who carrying guns in violin cases or known on doors extorting people. They’re families that go back for generations.”

Elise’s mother won’t give up until she figures out the mystery of her daughter’s death. She is not settling with the police’s belief that her daughter had committed suicide.


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