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12 Breeds That Make The Best Guard Dogs

We all know that dogs bring so much love to people’s lives. Everyone who owns a dog knows that from the first day you bring home a four-legged fur ball, your life has changed forever…for the better. They really are the best.

But dogs are more than just a man’s best friend, they can be a man’s protector as well. When you have a dog, you worry less about someone breaking into your home. You also feel pretty safe when home alone.

When it comes to protecting your home, there are several types of dogs that have their own way of doing things. You have the alert barkers that let you know anytime anything moves outside your house. Then there are the guardian dogs.

The guardian dogs will not only let you know there’s someone around, but they’ll actually do something about it.

#1 Royal Canin Canada Royal Canin Canada

Wondering which breeds are considered guard dogs? Well here are 12 dog breeds that take guarding you with their life pretty seriously.

1. Giant Schnauzers are not only intimidating because of their pretty big size, but they also have a very intense bark and their bite is not weak in the least bit.

2. The Akita is known to be a very intelligent and intense breed. They are very loyal to their owners and are fairly standoffish to strangers.

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