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The Color Of The Yolk Can Tell You If The Egg Came From A Healthy Chicken


As the internet continues to grow with new information on health and wellness, more people are starting to become aware of some of the unhealthy procedures that go into making the foods we enjoy. While we might think we’re getting the best products in the supermarkets, this is often not the case. This is because some foods are prepared differently depending on where they’re coming from such as

  • Milk,
  • Cheese,
  • Eggs.

You may not have thought about it before, but there are actually some eggs that are better for you than others. Eggs that come from free-range chickens or from local farms and markets will be vastly different from those purchased from a large chain supermarket.

We’ve come up with a few tips on how you can tell if the quality of your eggs is good or not. We’ll also tell you some of the best places to find good eggs and how to avoid a bad carton.

1. One woman on YouTube did an experiment in which she purchased three cartons of eggs from different locations. One from a local farmer, another from a market which was labeled to contain free-range eggs, and the third from a larger supermarket chain.

2. You can immediately see the difference in color and size between the farm-raised eggs as compared to the supermarket eggs. The woman commented that the “regular” eggs don’t have as much of a golden color as the farm eggs.

3. She starts with the egg from the local farmer, cracking it easily into the pan. You’ll notice that it comes out in a golden orange color and that it’s perfectly round.

4. Next, she takes an egg from the market and cracks it into the pan. Even though the eggs look very similar from the shells (she almost cracked two from the same carton) as soon as the second eggs hits the pan, the result is quite drastic.

5. The egg that came from the market comes out with a much lighter shade of orange, almost closer to yellow. It’s also a little bit smaller than the one from the farm.

6. As well as being a bit smaller, it’s also less bulbous. As the eggs begin to cook she adds the third egg which came from the large chain supermarket. This one comes out the smallest and in a similar shade to the free range egg. It’s also more spherical.

7. The woman explains that the best egg of the bunch is the one that came from the farmer due to its darker color and the size of the yolk. She explains that this egg is “the real deal” because it’s full of Omega-3 and other health benefits.

8. In the side-by-side comparison it’s pretty clear which egg looks healthier. The next time you crack an egg that came from a local supermarket you may notice the pale yellow color.

9. Another YouTuber performed a similar experiment using a brown and white egg laid by his chickens and one that came from the store. He explains that eggs that come from store came from chickens that can’t wander and only eat generic factory chicken feed.  

10. First he cracks the egg that came from the store. Although it came out better than he expected, there are still a few noticeable differences when he cracks the egg that came from his chickens.

11. The size of his egg yolk is larger than the store-bought one and is also darker in color. He also comments that the shell of his egg is much thicker.

12. He then cracks another farm egg and again it comes out a dark orange color with a thicker shell. Though he uses a brown-shelled egg and a white-shelled egg he explains that this has no effect on the inside of the egg.

13. You can now tell the difference between a healthy farm-raised egg and a store-bought egg. Even if an egg is labeled free-range and it’s purchased at a market or a supermarket, you might not always be getting this quality.

14. If you would prefer to have farm eggs, try buying from local farmers who may have sales or roadside shops. If you have to purchase eggs from a market or a larger grocery store, you can now be able to distinguish if that’s actually what you’re getting.

15. YouTuber “SustenanceNCovering” explains that the darker yolks come from chickens that actually have the ability to run around and feed on whatever it naturally wants too. The eggs that come from the stores come from chickens that have a general diet of corn.

16. The healthier and happier the hen, the better the egg and better eggs means better health! The old saying is “you are what you eat” and I think that most people would prefer eating a healthy farm-raised egg as opposed to the ones they sell in stores.


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