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The First Viral Trend Of 2017 Is Both Really Dumb and Very Painful

It’s a new year and along with bringing more people to the gym, and less people to the bars, it also brings a new year of new memes, fashions, and trends. Unfortunately the first online trend of 2017 is pretty ridiculous, thanks to a tweet by Twitter user @zorinquin. The fact that some people are willing to try this is beyond @zorinquin, who posted instructions on how to break your thumb ligament with the caption: “it works, try it.” Lo and Behold, people are actually trying it. 2016 saw it’s fair share of questionable trends, including:

  • Hottest Pepper Challenge
  • Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
  • The “Rubber” Challenge

The image comes from a different source with the caption: “If you are bored: How to break your thumb ligament.” Based on the reaction of retweets, it sounds like a ton of people were insanely bored but are now firing back at @zorinquin with photos of their seriously distorted hands.

A few people have even sent borderline threats though it’s possible these tweets are satirical. Some people are also making light of the situation and then there are others who’ve been injuring themselves and ending up in the hospital.  

The reactions have been flowing in with people sharing images of their now seemingly broken hands. These are the instructions that were shared on how to perform the act. 

Though some of the images are playing at the original joke, some people appear to be getting seriously injured and are coming back to the original post to show their results.

Is it really possible that all these people were that bored? Perhaps they thought it was just a dumb meme that wouldn’t work.

4. It’s difficult to track where the original image was shared, but most people seem to be sharing it as an obvious joke. Perhaps the fact that it was shared in such a light manner encouraged so many people to give it a try?

Whatever the reason, some people have legitimately ended up in hospital and have shared photos of their bandaged hands.

6. It’s almost ridiculous the amount of people who have tried and are still continuing to try the trend. When will it end?!

  It’s hard to tell whether this person was being completely legitimate, but they sure sound pretty cheesed. A few people have even reported the tweet for “causing harm”. This person even threatens to get lawyers involved. It seems @zorinquin is just amused by all the reactions.

Mixed in with the gnarly images of messed up thumbs and threats, are a few posts like this poking fun at the foolishness of the situation. There are also a few people who are posting images of their hands making obscene and funny gestures like giving a NORMAL thumbs up. There really is no telling what the next trend is going to be and why, but here’s hoping this one ends soon… 


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