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The Game Just Posted His Bank Balance On Social Media And It’s Impressive

Jayceon Taylor, the rapper also known as ‘The Game’ is known as one of the key players in bringing the modern West Coast rap scene into mainstream hip-hop. However, now he’s being known as something of a philanthropist as well.


One of his kind gestures might just be his biggest yet and it definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed. After news broke about the citizens of Flint, Michigan suffering through the horrific water crisis plaguing the city of 10,000, ‘The Game’ decided to help out.

The rapper pledged to donate $500,000 of his own money to help the cause. To prove that he’s good to his word, ‘The Game’ shared screenshot of the wire transfer to Avita Water, the bottled water company which matched his donation, on Instagram.

However, when ‘The Game’ shared the screenshot, he didn’t just blur out how much money he donated. The Compton native also shared the details from his charity’s bank account.


Holy cow! Is that $13 million just sitting in his checking account?! Keep in mind that this is ‘only’ his ‘charity bank account’. ‘The Game’ is actually reportedly worth $25 million, meaning that 13 million is only a fraction of his wealth.


The rapper is using his charity ‘The Robin Hood Project’ to share his wealth with people around the world who need it the most. That whopping available balance of $13,274,585.32 is going to good use. Outside of helping out with the Flint water crisis, the ‘Robin Hood Project’ Facebook page states, ‘One man. One million dollars. One goal. The Game is Giving $1,000,000 of his own $$$ to people around the world just because he feel’s like it!’

Hopefully this generous gesture from ‘The Game’ will inspire more people to help out and do whatever they can to help those who need it. In his Instagram, the rapper wrote a lengthy caption about the severity of the cause as well as why others who can should be contributing their wealth.


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