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The Mountain’s Tiny Girlfriend Explains How They Manage To Kiss


If you’re a huge Game of Thrones fan then you definitely know who the Mountain is. You can’t miss him; he’s the biggest and strongest character in the show! He’s terrifying to watch in the show because of his size. But outside of his character, he’s just another man who’s looking for love. Sure enough, Hafþór Julius Björnsson has found himself a girlfriend. That’s not surprising, but what might be surprising is how much shorter she is than him. Granted, finding someone as tall as Björnsson is a tough task, but she’s incredibly petite. So how do they manage to kiss? The Mountain’s girlfriend explains.

But first, who’s the lucky lady you ask? Well, she’s Kelsey Henson. Henson is Canadian born, and she met Björnsson in September at a restaurant called Earls in Alberta. She immediately knew who Björnsson was and asked to take a picture with him.

I enjoy these types of stories because it allows people to see the side of the person, not the actor.

Henson stands at a tiny 5’2, and Björnsson stands at a massive 6’9, so you can imagine how lopsided the picture looks. From that encounter in Alberta, things have grown between the two.

the Mountains girlfriend explains how they kissKelseyHenson/Instagram

To no one’s surprise, the public has taken a great interest in the new couple’s relationship. People have commented on Henson’s pictures she has with Björnsson. Björnsson admits that there are a lot of comments and laughing emojis which are probably due to the size difference between the two.

the Mountains girlfriend explains how they kissKelseyHenson/Instagram

Some people went as far as calling Henson his “pocket girlfriend.” Someone even said that his hand is bigger than her entire head. But each comment ends with a compliment and praise that the two look so happy together.

the Mountains girlfriend explains how they kissKelseyHenson/Instagram

So you’re probably wondering how their relationship flourished to what it is today (and why people started wondering how they kiss). Well, it started when the two took a trip to Björnsson’s home country, Iceland. The two took many pictures, most of them had Henson tucked under Björnsson’s arm.


All of their pictures are posted on Instagram. After seeing the Iceland pictures, one of their followers got curious. He asked the couple how they kiss because of the size difference. The individual jokingly asked if Hanson jumped into Björnsson’s arms every time they kiss.

the Mountains girlfriend explains how they kiss

The person went on to ask the couple to post a picture of them kissing. Apparently, it’s not as easy as some people might think. It actually requires a lot of bending and some tip-toeing. Henson had a good chuckle with the comment and replied by saying that sometimes we just avoid the bending and tip-toeing and he picks her up!

If you are someone who was thinking outside the box, let me just stop you right there. There is no small ladder or step stool, so stop over-thinking it. The bottom line is that when you love someone, size makes no difference. You will find ways to hug each other and kiss each other.


For all you Game of Thrones fans, I have a feeling that we will see Björnsson play a significant role in this upcoming season. The Mountain’s girlfriend finally explained how they kiss. But can she explain how he plans to protect Queen Cersei Lannister from all her enemies?


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