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Watch As The Rock Scares Kevin Hart While Filming ‘Jumanji’

The relationship between Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of Hollywood’s favorite celebrity friendships.  And when you’ve been buds for a while now, it’s only a matter of time before these two dudes start pulling lighthearted pranks on each other. While filming for the new ‘Jumanji,’ The Rock had a little fun freaking out his co-star with a fake little spider.  

 According to Johnson, his co-star Hart is not the biggest fan of creepy crawlies. But when you’re filming in the jungle, you’re going to come across quite a bit of centipedes, bugs, and spiders. So when the two had to film a scene together that featured them lying on the ground, The Rock decided to throw a fake spider between the two of them!


When the semi-retired WWE wrestler threw the fake spider, he pretended to be all scared so that Hart would notice what just flew in their direction. As soon as the co-star noticed, he flipped his lid! Hart instantly got up and ran out of the shot.

The hilarious video was posted on The Rock’s Instagram account with a caption explaining what was going on: “Happy Halloween @kevinhart4real! You can see the big fake furry spider 🕷I have in my right hand that I throw on Kevin before our take. You gotta understand that when we’re asked to lay down in these jungles – when you look closely on the ground – it’s literally moving with all kinds of bugs, spiders and centipedes. It’s Kev’s worst nightmare and some of the funniest [expletive] I’ve seen when he thinks something is crawling on him. Non stop laughs with my guy on this movie. We always make it fun.”

The hilarious prank was also uploaded on Hart’s IG page. “This is the type of stupid [expletive] that I have to put up with on the regular while filming Jumanji,” Hart wrote on Instagram. “@therock knows how much I hate spiders & the rest of the super freaky crawling [expletive] that’s in the jungle so he decides to pull this prank on me.” 

 As soon as Hart ran off to safety, The Rock couldn’t help but laugh at his friend’s hilarious reaction!

This is just one of the several pranks that Johnson pulled on his co-star Hart. You can check out more of them on their Instagram pages, @therock and @kevinhart4real. But if you’re too lazy to actually look for them, here’s one HERE and HERE.


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