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The Tragic Tale Of Donatella Versace’s Daughter Allegra

Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, luxury fashion brand Versace has remained relevant and prestigious to this day. The success was interrupted in 1997 when tragedy struck the Versace family. Gianni, the founder and designer of the company, was the victim of an assassination that is still being investigated today. At just the age of 50, in front of his own home, the luxurious Casa Casuarina residence, he was murdered by Andrew Cunanan, an American serial killer who was responsible for the deaths of five people.

Gianni was in his prime, dressing some of the biggest names of his generation, including Princess Diana, Elton John, and Eric Clapton. He left behind a legacy in the fashion world. But he also left behind the apple of his eye; his niece Allegra.

Allegra is the daughter of the renowned Donatella Versace, who is the sister of Gianni and current vice president of the company. Upon the death of her uncle, Allegra inherited 50% of Versace’s entire stock. At the time, she was just nine years of age, and the money meant nothing to her. She has always been shy and has hidden from the lights, camera, and action.

Rarely seen in public, she has always been very private, as well as suffering from anorexia and debilitating anxiety. A former colleague of hers told NewsCorp: “If Allegra sees her own photos or sees herself on TV, she loses her mind. She’s got body dysmorphic disorder. They say she has a job with the company, but she’s not really running anything at Versace.”

Considering her inheritance and given responsibility, it’s been said that she is typically absent from her office, and instead stays home binging on television and music. She has been described as ‘utterly insecure, frail, and never a contender for design’. This comes as no surprise to those who know her best. Growing up, she was known for being more on the serious end; a very intelligent girl who always had her nose in a book.

Although she was more reserved, she didn’t shy away from the performing arts, having been involved in ballet for nine years. When it came to going to school, she was always dressed in high fashion and was even sent home at times for being too properly dressed for arts and crafts. She didn’t have a typical upbringing, surrounded by luxury and fame, but she was granted a childhood that any child deserves, which her uncle Gianni ensured. Together, they were inseparable.

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