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12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With A Person Who Is Evil

People Share Stories About The Worst Things Their Bosses Ever Did To Them

If you’ve ever seen the film ‘Horrible Bosses’, you fear that you might land a boss with that level of tyranny in their heart. I mean, even thinking about having to deal with a boss like Dave Harken (played by Kevin Spacey) should be enough to freeze the blood in your veins. Just the thought is horrifying. The man made his employee drink a full glass of scotch at 8:15 in the morning.

Maybe that example is extreme, but we’ve all had some less than wonderful experiences with managers and bosses at work. Whether it’s something that’s happened to us personally or a story we’ve heard from a friend, having a difficult boss can really affect your morale at work. Given that it has such a negative impact on employees, it really is a wonder that some bosses insist on being insufferable.

So what should we blame the behavior of these bosses on? Selfishness, superiority complexes, capitalism? Maybe it’s all three. Here’s a collection of horrible boss stories that will either make you appreciate your boss or make you nod in agreement. They say misery loves company.

1. The boss who we hardly have any words for. What kind of a person would consider doing what this boss did, and think “yeah, that seems like an alright thing to do”? 

2. The boss who either has an incredibly dark sense of humor or is just a psychopath. This sounds like a scene similar to ‘Horrible Bosses’ when Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) made fun of Nick Hendricks’ (Jason Bateman) dead grandmother. 

3. This is just outrageous—that is not a small number! (Not that any number would be ok, but seriously…) We certainly hope that this person found a way to retrieve their money.

4. Here’s another example of an employer who wouldn’t accept that their employee took time off for a death in the family. This time the employer didn’t concede and even told the employee they’re lying.

5. This person kept getting tossed around like a ball depending on what the situation of the company is. They need someone who is loyal but wouldn’t provide that same loyalty in return.

6. This situation happens quite often in the service industry. Unfortunately, the full-time positions are reserved exclusively for managers and very senior-level employees. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. 

7. This manager who is super supportive and really knows how to motivate their workers. Apparently, it’s by setting them up for failure and then calling them out in front of their co-workers. 

8. As if this person’s day wasn’t already horrible enough after getting robbed, his manager also required that they pay the money that they were robbed out of pocket. What kind of monster runs this store?

9. The manager who told his employee to quit school so they can work more hours at a fast food restaurant. This is the kind of role model that kids really need these days.

10. Probably the worst ever story of a mass lay off. These bosses are just despicable and should be held accountable for the way they’ve treated their employees. These are people, not cattle. 

11. This person who was lied to then tricked into staying at a job to get a severance package when they had no intention of giving them the severance package. Ah, corporate life.

12. If you were thinking, “I’ll just stay in school for the rest of my life to avoid the mess that is the workforce,” guess what? You’re not safe there either. Nowhere is safe.

13. This person wasn’t about to let anyone walk all over them. They got their sweet revenge in the end, both in the form of payment and by hanging their employer out to dry.

14. This boss is not just heartless, but also seems a little like he is putting his employee in pain on purpose. You can’t tell us that he couldn’t, at the very least, put someone else in the standing role until the employee recovered.

15. This company who really knows how to reward their employees for outstanding results. How does the company not realize that this is how you either lose people or demotivate them?

16. Good on this person. They did their job so well that they became essentially irreplaceable. This person was able to get back at the company without stooping to their level—but merely by being excellent. The company could have raised their salary, now that amount is tripled.

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