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12 Things Guys With Short Girlfriends Can Relate To


Everyone navigates relationships differently and very couple comes with their own unique set of challenges:

  • Perhaps she’s a vegan and you’re a proud carnivore
  • Maybe you look so much alike, people think you’re related
  • Or, she’s a hobbit and you’re Andre the Giant

There are some things that are universal in relationships and this list is looking at one kind of relationship in particular.

Here are 12 things that guys learn when they have girlfriends that are shorter than them.

One) Your shirts stop being your because she likes wearing oversized clothes. Your fitted tees became her baggy pajama shirts. And to be perfectly honest, she looks better in your clothes than you do. Just try to look them in the eye and demand your favorite concert tee back. It just can’t be done!

Two) It’s physically impossible to stay mad at them for too long because, well, they’re so darn cute. Your S.O. is basically a character from the Borrowers, that book about a family of tiny people who live in a house and ‘borrow’ from homeowners. We bet you wouldn’t be able to stay mad at them for long either.

Three) All of your nicknames become fantasy related. Remember the classics? Honey? Baby? Sweetheart? Well don’t expect to be calling your S.O. that. Why would you want to call them something as common as ‘sweetie’ when you can call them names like ‘hobbit’ ‘gnome’ or ‘pixie’? Those make way more sense.

Four) You basically become a Spartan warrior. Lifting your girl becomes so easy that no matter what, you essentially seem like a gladiator.

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