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16 Things Americans Don’t Realize Are Actually Weird

Ah, America. From its beautiful landmarks to its gorgeous weather, to its “never a dull moment” politics, people honestly can’t get enough of it. Admit it, going for a 2-week vacay to Florida or California is just perfection!

But whether you’re visiting from Europe or Canada, there are a few things that Americans do that non-Americans can’t understand. Naturally, different parts of the world do things a little differently; it’s totally normal.

Americans might not even realize that some of this stuff is out of the ordinary, but here are 16 things that Americans do that might be a bit strange to those who aren’t from there. Not going to lie, these are pretty entertaining!

1. Blasting the Air Conditioning to the maximum. I get when it’s hot it’s totally necessary, but do we really need to go from sweating like crazy to needing a winter jacket in doors?

2. Americans sure do love their commercials, every five minutes. Is it really necessary to have so many commercial breaks for an episode that’s technically 40-minutes?

3. The huge gap in the bathroom doors is too much to handle. Rather than putting “occupied” they made the gap awkwardly massive.

4. Sensitive teeth probably don’t exist with Americans. Restaurants love filling up their water with ice, ice cubes to the brim.

5. Their french bread looks more like a loaf of bread on steroids. Don’t get me wrong, the more bread the better but I don’t think the people of France would be too impressed with it. Just saying.

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6. Okay, don’t get me wrong I love my Oreos and the more flavors the better. But Americans are releasing so many flavors it’s really difficult to decide which bag to go for. I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

7. Americans have their flags literally everywhere they can put a flag on. That’s great that they’re proud to be American though, being patriotic is a good thing!

8. Not having tax included in the price tag is suspenseful, and not the good kind! It would be nice to know what you’re going to end up paying prior to purchasing something, no?

9. Laws changing from state to state can create a lot of confusion. I mean, in one state you can make a right on a red light but in another it’s illegal. It can honestly get really confusing.

10. Making ads for various companies is a little more common than seeing an ad for a doctor or a lawyer on the subway. That’s a little more unique to Americans.

11. European Highways are fairly small as are Canadian Highways. But American highways? They are huge and a little more confusing. Totally get why there’s so much traffic there!

12. The American unit system is so unnecessary. Why not use the Celsius scale and metric system like essentially everyone else on this planet?

13. Okay, Canadians are guilty of this as well. The ads for prescribed drugs are basically two seconds of commercial and the rest is talking about the dramatic side effects.

14. European waiters tend to be cold and a bit rude but American waiters ask if everything is okay every two minutes. Some find it more welcoming while others just find it a bit annoying.

15. In America, while you’re at your pharmacy, waiting for your prescription you can also fill up on beer and cigarettes. This is something that you can probably only do in America.

16. In Europe, the cars are so petite and cute. In America? The bigger the car the better. Americans seem to love their big trucks and massive SUVs.


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