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16 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

objects that are banned from schools

When it comes to teaching the next generation of students, there’s a long line of history of certain objects that are banned from schools.

Teachers have been around since the earliest civilizations, however, the natural predilection of children finding ways to goof around has surely been around for just as long.

The following 16 things have been banned from schools for one reason or another. Sometimes the reasons are very sound indeed.  

1) Facebook: A Jewish school for girls in NYC has banned the use of Facebook in their schools. The teachers think that the website invites inappropriate behavior.

2) Best Friends: A small school in south-west London, England has banned their students from becoming best friends with anyone because if those friendships end it could be traumatic for the kids.

3) Leggings/Jeggings: The stretchy comfortable material has been banned from several schools across the U.S. The grounds for banning these clothes are that they are not appropriate outfits for young teenagers who are learning to become adults.

objects that are banned from schools

4) Hugging: In an effort to teach the children at a Northampton school personal space and boundaries respect has banned hugging from in the building. This decision has been met with some controversy with the children’s parents.

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