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16 Habits That Annoy Dentists The Most


Everyone dreads going to the dentist. Whether it’s for just a cleaning, a filling, or even a simple whitening, it can be a pain (literally) just stepping inside that office. No one likes strangers picking and prodding inside of their mouths, making you bleed and squirm under blinding bright lights. It might suck going to the dentist, but have you ever thought about what it must be like to be a dentist? Having to smell a kid’s chocolate and french fry-infused breathe or remove rotting, yellow teeth? Some annoying things that dentists have to deal with are:

  • Patients who don’t brush their teeth
  • Patients who talk all the way through a procedure

As much as it may annoy you to brush and floss on a daily basis, imagine having to be the very dentist who has to deal with peoples’ mouths on a daily basis.

Get your brush and floss ready, here are 16 things that dentists are most annoyed with. 

1. BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE YOU GO! This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often dentists have to deal with patients who haven’t brushed their teeth, some for even days. Dentists will know when you haven’t brushed your teeth in a few days, so do both you and your dentist a favor and brush before you go.

2. A dentist knows when you haven’t gone for a checkup in 10+ years. Don’t even try to lie about it. What’s worse is when a person who hasn’t been to the dentist in years shows up and expects the dentist to fix every problem…right away. Be diligent with your appointments!

3. To get accurate results from an X-ray, you actually HAVE to bite down into the wing they stick in your mouth. Not doing so will result in inaccurate results. Yes, it might hurt for the grand total of 15 seconds that it’s in your mouth, but suck it up and get it done.

4. Whether you like it or not, like everything else in life, a dentist appointment costs money. If you aren’t covered under insurance you’ll have to cough up the dough. Believe it or not some people show up to their dentist appointments thinking it’s free. It’s not.

5. There’s nothing a dentist hates more than when a patient flat out says right in their face: “I hate going to the dentist!” They get it, everyone hates going to the dentist.

6.  Some people just love to talk, even when they’re in the middle of a procedure with a dentist. Do your dentist a favor and don’t talk while the dentist is doing his or her work. Leave the talking for when it’s done.

 7. If you know you have a dentist appointment, do your dentist a favor and don’t eat any heavy garlic for lunch before coming in. Dentists can smell (and see!) whatever you ate before coming in.

8. When your dentist tells you that you have a cavity, do NOT wait months (or even years, yes it happens) to get the filling. Get the filling done as soon as you can so that you don’t complain to your dentist that you’re in pain 6 months after he told you to get it filled.


9. If your dentist is hurting you don’t whine or make weird noises or ugly faces. Tell them. A dentist wants to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Do what you can to make the job easier for your dentist and it will go easy for you too.

10. When patients show up without an appointment expecting to be seen, they’re going to have a bad time.


 11. When your dentist gives you a diagnosis and you refuse to believe it or treat it, you’re only looking for trouble. Dentists hate it when patients question their diagnosis. But hey, why listen to the professional who went to school for years and spent thousands of dollars on an education?

12. When doctors hear “my tooth didn’t hurt before you worked on it,” they absolutely lose it. Think about it: you come in for a filling. To fill in the cavity, the dentist has to cut a hole in your tooth and fill it out. It only makes sense that it would hurt after, right?

13. Showing up late to an appointment is not only rude, but it’s disrespectful as well. This will often result in rescheduling an appointment and even more pain for you down the road if you’re already in pain.

14. Don’t get offended when your dentist tells you that you need to floss or that your teeth are in bad shape. Poor oral hygiene can actually lead to a plethora of other health problems including oral and face pain, problems with digestion, problems with your heart or even major organs, and more.

 15. Dentists hate it when parents don’t pass along healthy oral hygiene habits to their kids. Dental decay is commonly the leading chronic childhood illness. It’s important to get kids to start good cleaning habits early or it could severely affect their health.


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