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16 Things Everyone Has Done But Won’t Ever Admit


When it comes to social media, most people only share the most impressive parts of their lives. Do you ever see your friends share the lowest points of their lives? Probably not. People only want to look like the best version of themselves on the internet which is why you always see things like:

  • People on vacation
  • People getting married
  • People graduating from college

But in reality, a lot of the time our lives can be mundane. But aside from that, there are a lot of things that we all do, but would probably never admit to nor would we broadcast on our social media accounts.

We’re all just trying to get by so it’s important that you try not to compare yourself to your overachieving Facebook friends. Fortunately, these memes will comfort you and prove that we’re all just kids trying to get through adulthood. 

We blame Hollywood for creating horror films that make us fear the dark. The second that the lights go off it’s time to book it upstairs before a demon grabs your leg and pulls you into the depths of Hell. 

Singing in the shower is everyone’s favorite bathroom activity. The acoustics in the room can make you sound like a rock star even if you have no idea what you’re doing. But the second you hear your own voice in a recording that’s when you start questioning everything in life.

Anyone that willingly decides to choose fruits over junk food is pretty much a God in our eyes. Turning down fries for… an apple?! Now that’s what we like to call willpower. 

Why did the creators of Starburst have to individually wrap every single Starburst with that annoying wax paper. Not only is it difficult to unwrap, but sometimes it doesn’t completely come off and you end up eating Starbust with a side of wax paper. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your friend to repeat themselves when you don’t hear them the first time, but if you STILL don’t hear them the second time then it’s time that you fake a reaction and hope they weren’t asking a question.

The most difficult part of the day is getting ready to actually become a functional member of society. You know sitting in bed is unproductive but it’s just too relaxing! 10 more minutes please.

 Apparently we’re supposed to have 8 hours of sleep per day, but how are we suppose to get that amount of sleep when we’re spending all of this time calculating how much sleep we’re supposed to get?

“Excuse me?! You have the AUDACITY to call me when I’m in the middle of watching pimple popping videos on YouTube?” Some people can be so rude! 

Horror movies ruin everything. We all know that the shower is the perfect place for a creature to crawl out of the drain and attack you while you’re trying to condition your hair. This is why we need to invest in shampoo that doesn’t burn your eyes.

Creeping people on social media can lead you to a deep dark hole. When your friend introduces you to their new boyfriend, it’s going to take all of your strength to NOT ask him about his cousin’s marital problems.

The weekends are for sleeping in but when you and your friends get older they decide to opt out of parties and decide that Sunday brunch is their go-to outing idea. But who wants to wake up at 10:00 AM to eat cantaloupe?!

Even though you KNOW that you didn’t steal anything, you know that it’s incredibly fishy to leave a store empty-handed. The employees probably think you stuffed a toy up your hooha. 

Imagine this, you’re in the third grade and participating in the spelling bee and your opponent just got knocked out of the round. You’re word. “Wednesday.”  “It’s spelled Wed-NESS-Day,” you think to yourself. Alright, you got this!

Walking by an acquaintance is the worst. You’re not friendly enough to smile and strike a conversation, but you’re not rude enough to pretend that you can’t see them. The perfect solution is this smirk.

 Growing up with siblings, you know that they’re going to screw up your TV time. Even if they tell you that they don’t have the remote, you can’t trust their words. 

Most of us hate human interaction, so if we can avoid talking to another human being then we’ll go to great lengths to avoid it. Let’s just casually look at milk prices before walking over to the ice cream section.


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