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15 Things Everyone Should Know About Chris Pratt


By now I would like to think that people know who Chris Pratt is. From his amazing performance as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and goofy boyfriend in Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt has stunned us with both a physical and life transformation.The upcoming sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is sure to be another huge hit with fans looking forward to the appearances of Groot and baby Groot.

But Chris Pratt didn’t start his film career glamorously by any means. From sleeping in his car to scoring supporting roles in good movies, Chris’ start was a bit bumpy, to say the least. 

Read on to find out how Chris Pratt got the ball rolling.

Before he ever set foot in front of a camera, Chris was a high school wrestler. He finished as high as fifth in his state wrestling tournament.

15876204_370847143275022_6186941535674695680_nChris Pratt

As a wrestler, when his coach asked him one time what he wanted to do with his life, his response was: ‘I don’t know but I know I’ll be famous and I know I’ll make a ton of money.’

15875781_1698336053798121_4854680686621097984_nChris Pratt

Chris’ acting career began when Rae Dawn Chong, one of Tommy Chong’s daughters, cast him for a small gig in a horror flick called Cursed Part 3 in 2000.

15802562_227297081050597_466910060866437120_nChris Pratt

But before he ever even got his first role in a film. he was waiting tables at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Hawaii. It was during one of these shifts that Rae discovered him.

17495371_412639309094174_772708356497342464_nChris Pratt

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