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10 Things Girls Do That Turn Guys On


If you believe television and movies, all a girl has to do is exist and she’ll have guys all over her. They portray guys as perpetually deprived animals that are the only ones working towards the seduction, when this just isn’t true. Girls also can work to get a guy’s attention and turn him on with a few tricks. Other than the basics,

  • Hygiene,
  • Confidence,
  • Fitness.

There are a lot of things that girls can do to turn on a guy that they’re after. Even though many of these are subtle little things, the guy will be drawn to her—even if he doesn’t know why.

Here are ten things any girl can do to turn guys on, and get a little attention of their own:

1. Laughing. Seems so simple doesn’t it? All a woman has to do is allow herself a few cute laughs around him and he’ll be putty in her hands. Making girls laugh is pretty much the entire point of existence for lots of guys.


Something about a woman’s laughter is like a drug for most men, and they’ll try harder and harder to get it as the relationship goes. Little boosts to the pride are as much of a turn on as anything else.


2. Being a sports fan is a way for any girl to spend more time with the guy she likes. Since he’ll likely spend about 98% of his day watching, playing or thinking about them, if she can share them it’s a bonus.


The girls that really love sports become irresistible to guys because they can follow along with them. Seeing Ashley Judd scream and yell at Kentucky basketball games kept her on most guy’s lists longer than the Divergent series ever could.


3. Eye contact is essential in any relationship, and it starts right from when a girl first tries to seduce him. It doesn’t matter what her eyes look like; it’s the contact that counts.


There’s a reason Beyonce looks deep into the camera in most of her videos, making any guy feel like he’s the only one in the room. Girl’s can do that with just a little stare from across the bar, or a sensual look in the bedroom.


4. Video games aren’t yet a part of every guy’s routine, but they are getting pretty close. Any girl who jumps on and can challenge a guy in his favorite game (and win) will have a direct line to his heart.


Girl gamers have always existed, and even some famous celebs have jumped into the virtual ring. Mila Kunis has been a hardcore gamer for years, and Cara Delevingne used to attend Call of Duty events long before she was ever featured in a commercial. If you ask guys, those two just jumped up a couple of spots.


5. You’d think that guys would be more turned on by the skin tight outfits, but often a set of sweats or an oversized t-shirt can do just the same. It shows him that she feels comfortable enough around him to not have to squeeze into a skin-tight pair of jeans.

Sometimes it’s better to just throw something comfortable on than spend an hour picking out the perfect outfit. If a man thinks the woman is attractive, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing.


6. That said, yoga pants are basically a gift from the gods. Even though girls often wear them for themselves because they’re comfortable and easy to move in, they also drive men absolutely bananas.


The tight fitting pants can make anyone’s rear look good, and provide a perfect outline for a woman’s natural curves. Throw out those skinny jeans, they’re no longer required.


7. Guys often play with a girl’s hair and it drives them crazy, but it works both ways. Guys are turned on by hair-play and scalp massages just the same.


Just like anyone, playing with his hair will relax him and make him feel at ease, allowing him to be more open to any advances. It doesn’t seem like much but it works like a charm.


8. Perfume is actually a pretty scientific way to turn a guy on. The scent will attract him and release certain pheromones that will increase his sex drive.


A woman should make sure the scent works with her body, and place it on “pump points” like the wrists and neck. This allows the natural heat of her body to send the scent out into the world, carrying a bit of her along with it.


9. The natural look is just as attractive to men—if not more so. When a girl gets all dolled up for the bar with some heavy makeup on it’s fine, but what he really wants is to see her natural beauty.

All those freckles and imperfections that she’s tried hard to cover up can actually turn a guy on more than the perfectly crafted face. The minimal makeup trend is popular among celebrities online.

10. It’s a very old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true to this day. If a woman cooks for a man, it can immediately turn him on (it works both ways).


Even if the food doesn’t taste like a Michelin-starred restaurant, he’ll love the fact that it was cooked for just him.



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