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24 Things Guaranteed To Make ’00s Girls Cringe A Bit

For girls who lived in the early 2000s, there are many things you try to forget about that time. Looking back on it now you probably cringe at the thought of those butterfly hair clips and the camouflage outfits you wore.

But at the time those were the most fashionable things to wear. The influences of TV Shows like Lizzie McGuire and Musicians like Avril Lavigne were integral for how girls in the 2000s dressed. And at the time, girls loved the trends they gave into.

But looking back on them all now, there are a few that make them cringe.

1. Wearing Juicy Couture, Rocawear, and Ed Hardy: Name brands were all the rage back in the 2000s. Girls flocked to the malls paying whatever they had to have a sweatsuit that had Juicy Couture on it or to rock an Ed Hardy hat or a Rocawear shirt. They would be the coolest kids in school to own one of these brands. Now these girls look back and wonder why they thought they were so cool.

2. Whatever Avril Wore, You Did Too: Avril was every 2000s girl idol. She spoke her mind and bore her soul through her music. And she had a style like no one else at the time. Maybe that’s why every girl began dressing exactly like her. Wearing the camo pants with a tie around their neck. Looking back now those girls all looked the same and nothing was stylish about it. It now just makes them cringe.


3. The Thought of What you Posted on Your Myspace Account: MySpace was the Facebook of the early 2000s. Every girl signed up and added anyone that wanted to be their MySpace friend. Some girls made a layout that reflected who they were along with some pictures of their teenage hairstyles. As adults now, no one wants a reminder of those emotional teenage years. And the thought that it was all over your MySpace page makes you cringe.

4. Wearing Butterfly Hair Clips: Butterfly hair clips were in every 2000s girl’s hair. Those clips did so much for their hair. Like keeping them out of their eyes to bringing colors into one-toned hair. Girls were inspired by TV Shows like Lizzie McGuire and she did it, so why shouldn’t they? Well, looking back on it now it wasn’t the greatest hair look of the 2000s.

5. Wearing Fancy Camouflage Pants or Tops: Every girl in the 2000s was influenced by the style of Destiny’s Child and Avril Lavigne. They had music videos and showed up on red carpets in camouflage pants and sometimes full camo gear. Looking back at photos now, girls know that the trend didn’t last long and wasn’t the greatest look at the decade.

6. Having A Lot of Layers: Layers, layers, layers, that’s all girls thought about in the 2000s. But they weren’t the flattering layers that we see and pair today. They were the kind that didn’t add dimension to an outfit but added chaos. Looking back on it now every girl who remembers wearing an uncomfortable amount of multi-colored layers will cringe.


7. Shutter Glasses: We can all thank Kayne West for this 2000s fashion fail. Ever since he showed up with them, everyone ran out to get a pair. They didn’t do much to protect us from the sunlight and made it hard to see where we were walking. Not to mention that we ended up with strange tan lines on our faces. When this trend died out the thought of them was instantly cringe-worthy.

8. Gaucho Pants: The very comfy pants that were a craze in the 2000s are now pants every girl tries to forget. They were a mix of Capri, sweat and flare plants that came in different colors and prints. No girl will deny the comfy feel of wearing these cringe-worthy pants but they will deny that they owned a pair.

9. Platform Flip-Flops: Some girls wore the standard flip-flops but they weren’t the cool ones in school. The must-have sandals for every 2000s girl was to have the platform flip-flops. Yet, the only things that separated them from standard sandals was that they gave some girls the height they wanted. Not to mention they were a hit on teenage centered TV Shows.

10. Jewelry and Clothes With the Playboy Logo: The Playboy Bunny was very popular for every girl in the 2000s. Particularly those with the 2000s trend belly button piercing. If a girl wasn’t wearing the playboy logo on her clothes or necklace, it was sure to be found as her belly button ring. Looking back now, the girls who gave in to the trend will cringe at the thought of the Playboy Bunny.

11. The Pencil Thin Eyebrow Look: Singers like Christina Aguilera created this thin eyebrow craze that circled the 2000s. Teenage girls ran out to the closest salon and got their eyebrows thinly waxed or plucked. But today, girls want thick, full eyebrows like those of Cara Delevingne. Making the thought of once loving the thin eyebrow look make them cringe.

12. Crimping Your Hair: Thanks to Lizzie McGuire, every 2000s girl was obsessed with crimping their hair. The straight to tightly waved hairstyle was one of the most popular of the time. Girls had it on every Christmas and Birthday List so they could look like their favorite character. Now the thought makes girls cringe thinking about the child-like hairstyle is really was.

13. The Clumpy Mascara Look: For a short amount of time in the early 2000s many girls wanted the clumpy mascara look. This resulted in a lot of girls having what looked like a handful of lashes that were very thick and heavy, which resulted in the eyelid weighing down. 2000s girls now cringe at this makeup mistake because clean mascara is the trend now.

14. Clumpy Hair Streaks: Singers like Kelly Clarkson have thick, clumpy streaks in their hair. Every 2000s girl followed this trend going out to their salons and asking for those thick streaks. Looking back now girls ask themselves why they got streaks that clumpy. Did they think no one would see them if they were thin?

15. The Raccoon Eye Look: This might be because Avril wore her makeup like this but a lot of 2000s girls wore thick black eyeliner on their bottom eyelid. This trend, dubbed the raccoon eye, had thick black eyeliner on the bottom lid only or heavily on the top lid while thick on the bottom. It wasn’t the most pleasing look for the eyes and many girls look back on it now and wonder why they did it at all.

16. Chain Belts: Every 2000s girl had a variety of belts in their wardrobe. Those ranged from thick belts to those chain belts that hung from the belt loops. It’s safe to say that the chain belts didn’t do anything but serve as a fashion statement. But looking back at pictures of these belts it’s hard to argue what kind of fashion statement they were trying to make.

17.  Chipped Black Nail Polish: This is another homage to the style that Avril influenced on girls in the 2000s. Most girls painted their nails black to be similar to Avril, but when their nails started to chip they just left them. It was the thing to do and no girl thought twice about it. Now looking back girls will cringe at the unkempt look of that nail trend.

18. Wearing A Lot Of Silly and Jelly Bands: No jewelry was more popular for any 2000s girl than the silly or jelly bands. The silly bands were fun to play with and you could share them with your friends. But the jelly bands had a whole other meaning to them that would shock teen girls. Looking back on this trend many women will laugh but some will cringe at the reminder of what color meant what.

19. Plastic Headbands: Plastic headbands were used to hold back a lot of 2000s girls hair. It was popular on many TV shows during the time, influencing many adolescent girls. Thick plastic in multiple colors and designs were used to switch up hairstyles but also for fashion. Yet, it left girls foreheads exposed and appearing bigger then they were. Leaving women to cringe when thinking about them today.

20. Wearing Skirts or Dresses Over Jeans: One of the biggest fashion fails of the time was the dress or skirt over jeans look. No matter who wore it, it never looked good. That didn’t stop any girl who grew up in the 2000s from copying this look from magazine pages and popular culture. Any girl who looks back now will cringe with horror at the thought of jeans being worn under a dress or skirt.

21. Super Low Waisted Jeans: Though low rise jeans are still popular today, super low waisted jeans were on another level. They hung low enough that if you were to sit down it would be extremely difficult not to expose something. And any girl who wore these super low rise jeans will remember that no matter what shirt you wore, your stomach was constantly on display. Making for an uncomfortable outfit.

22. Frosted Lip Gloss: Forget about the flavored Lip Smackers ChapStick, frosted lip gloss was the most popular makeup trend in the 2000s. Every girl wouldn’t leave her house without her trusted lip saving frosted gloss. But this gloss ended up making the natural looking lips turn a fading pink color, which did not enhance the lips at all.

23. Tattoo Choker Necklaces: Those classic tattoo choker necklaces are what every 2000s girl had on their neck at some point. Their claim to fame was that they stuck close to your neck so they appeared like a tattoo but didn’t hurt to wear. But just like what actual neck tattoos do to some people, 2000s girls cringe at the thought of wearing one again.

24. Denim on Denim: Thank you to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for rocking the jean on jean look at the MTV Awards. Because of them, 2000s girls were walking around in denim on denim outfits for a short period of time in the early 2000s. This was never a flattering look which is why it’s rare to see it today. But when it’s seen, everyone cringes.

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