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16 Things J.K. Rowling Has Revealed About Harry Potter On Twitter That Surprised Us


Harry Potter has been an integral part of most millennial childhoods. Whether it is because of the wizardry, the owls or simply to get away from the ‘real world,’ many fans of Harry Potter are still inundated with the Harry Potter world despite the fact that the 7 book series came to an end 10 years ago.

But recently, JK Rowling responded to some fans’ questions over Twitter.

Some of her answers might surprise you while others might be obvious to those die-hard HP fans.

This seems to make sense. I mean, Dumbledore is most people’s favorite character so it makes sense that JK Rowling has a soft spot for the Headmaster.

I think when you own the Sorting Hat you can probably persuade it to put you in the house that you want. I wonder which house JK Rowling belongs to and whether her children are okay with which house they are placed in.

This one is cute. I mean, most kids were waiting patiently by their mailbox around the ages of 11, 12 and 13, hoping to get that mythical letter from Hogwarts saying that they have been accepted.

Who would have thought that the Harry Potter series has been around for 20 years already? It really surprises me to know that some of these books are probably older than some of the readers.

I wonder if George RR Martin (the author of Game Of Thrones) has to deal with crying over the keyboard? If so, I can see why it took so long to write the final book.

Every author tends to insert a minimal amount of their personal lives into their novels, and JK Rowling seems to be no different in this regard.

I always thought that Draco Malfoy was just evil, not a vampire…

This theory is based on the Tale of Three Brothers when Death gives the three wizards an invisibility cloak, the Elder Wand and also the resurrection stone. Fans theorized that Dumbledore is Death since he gives Harry all three of these items!

The Patronus charm is a defensive spell that summons a silver animal guardian that protects the witch or wizard from the Dementors.

If only all post-secondary institutions followed the footsteps of the Ministry of Magic…

I mean the spelling in the book showcases a ‘T’ at the end and also the actors in the movie pronounce Voldemort’s name with a ‘T’ at the end, so I can see why there is a confusion here.

During the seven books of the Harry Potter series, fans are taken on a roller coaster ride in terms of their feelings towards Snape. But in the end, we find out that he is actually a ‘good guy’ and we quickly fall in love with him.

Even a wizarding school such as Hogwarts has to obey the rules of diversity.

Once again, it is Snape’s heroic acts in the final book and also his sacrifice that helped him win the adoration and love from all HP fans.

I think Snape encompasses all people. We as humans are nearly always contradictory beings. We can be selfish and materialistic but at the same time, we know that true happiness cannot be bought.

As an author, you have the utmost power to dictate which characters die and which characters live. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and apparently, this was one of them.


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