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20+ Times Things Looked Like Food That You’d Seriously Regret Eating

There are some days where hunger does more than making our stomachs rumble. When you’re feeling famished, sometimes even inedible items will trigger thoughts of food. This isn’t to say it’s normal to stare at a mailbox and salivate, but there are times where things that have nothing to do with food appear strikingly appetizing.

You know that disorienting sensation when you smell something delicious like a birthday cake-scented candle and you know you can’t eat it, but part of you desperately wants to? Well, get ready for that strange discombobulation to now tackle your sense of sight.

Here are 24 times things looked like food that you would seriously regret eating.

1. It only makes sense that a man would bring along a crust-less peanut butter sandwich to appease his hunger while hiking, right? Wrong! This is a rock. Confused? This is just the beginning. You have to wonder what was going through this guy’s mind when he spotted this triangular rock amongst all of this much less-appetizing rubble. Was he going to let cravings win and ambitiously disregard the 5-second rule or was this pick up out of pure curiosity? We’ll never know.

2. Chocolate cravings are hard enough to kick without having any trigger whatsoever so you can imagine how difficult it would be to return home daily to a garage that looks like a giant Hershey’s bar. There’s really no winning here. Night time? Dark chocolate. Sunny day? Fondue. Winter? Ice cream. This isn’t just a door to a garage, it’s a gateway to cocoa addiction.

3. Wait a second, this has to be a delectably fluffy croissant, right? Absolutely not. This is microwaved soap. Why someone decided to microwave a bar of soap is something we can’t answer, but there’s no denying that the end result looks so pastry-like that you could easily fool someone into taking one sudsy bite.

4. It’s an odd response to adorability, but sometimes the cuteness of our pets can prompt us to utter things like, “You’re so cute, I could just eat you up!” This is mostly cute aggression and doesn’t really have anything to do with food. However, whoever owns this cat that looks confusingly like a rotisserie chicken has a little more grounds to say these things.

5. Unfortunately for this driver, that is not a slot to hold a single Oreo cookie while on the go, it’s actually just a dimmer wheel. If Oreo sponsored this car model to subliminally promote cravings for their three-layered delights then that is brilliantly effective if not a little morally corrupt.

6. If a burrito and rock candy had a love child, one would imagine that this would be the result exactly. However, this tasty looking concoction is nothing more than a geode. If there’s ever another ice age, this might end up being the visual result of all frozen over Chipotle stores.

7. Before you start shaking your head at whoever would be so wasteful with a perfectly good piece of coconut shrimp, know that this is actually just the aftermath of another critter’s meal. While this may look like battered seafood, it’s really just a pine cone that has been chewed on by a squirrel.

8. It’s not too often that a scenic view makes your mouth water for some juicy meat, but this rock formation in Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota might just be the one exception. There’s no denying that both the texture and coloring of this outcrop look strikingly like a medium rare steak.

9. At first glance, this looks like a fortune cookie that someone carelessly threw on the carpet. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a fortune cookie that’s already passed through a dog. However, it’s actually none of the above. This just so happens to be a rock that somehow managed to form in a Pac-Man like disguise.

10. This may look like someone dropped their container to go after feasting at a breakfast place, but really, it’s just two rocks that so happen to look like a pancake and fried egg. If the presence of that dog nose indicates anything, it’s that the misleading nature of this rubble isn’t limited to just humans.

11. Did someone just leave a bag of tomato juice hanging from a branch? Not quite. What looks like a plastic bag of tomato paste is actually just a rotten tomato that refused to leave its vine. If you’ve ever struggled to cut through the skin of a tomato, this should make you feel somewhat better.

12. This may look like enough overripe bananas to make banana bread for the rest of the year, but this isn’t quite the monkey’s wet dream it appears to be. In reality, this never-ending banana is actually just a garden hose that has been seasoned enough that it resembles a potassium goldmine.

Reddit /u/ ButtStubble

13. Never underestimate a rock’s ability to disguise itself as food. This man’s trek through the wilderness was understandably interrupted by a rock that looks like a giant slab of uncooked bacon. By the looks of it, the upper left-hand corner of this snap seems to suggest that there’s more where this came from.

14. It’s a common association that broccoli looks like tiny trees, but it’s not every day that you see a real tree that looks like broccoli. It might just be the way the sun is hitting the trunk in this particular picture, however, it’s enough to get any vegetable lover’s stomach grumbling.

Reddit /u/

15. Now this, you are probably thinking, must be chocolate. However, you are wildly incorrect. As mouth-watering as this hodgepodge of brown may appear, it’s definitely not worth breaking a tooth over. This jagged concoction is actually just a gemstone, but even knowing that doesn’t make it all that less tempting.

16. Usually seeing the face of something you are planning on consuming is a major buzz kill to the appetite, but you have to admit, there’s something oddly tempting about these expressionless pasta-like blobs. However, these are not the conscious ravioli they appear to be, they are actually baby stingrays.

Reddit /u/ catfun4ever

17. This may look like a field of Tiramisu, which might seem like a heaven to those who are a fan of the coffee-flavored Italian dessert. However, in reality, this is a weather possibility that you might have never considered before. This photo was taken in the Algerian Desert of footsteps through the sand covered snow.

18. There’s no denying that this front lawn appears more tropical than most. Don’t be confused why the theme song for SpongeBob SquarePants just popped into your head, these trees definitely look a lot like giant pineapples. The location scout for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water should have really be informed of this humble abode.

19. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way that this isn’t a potato. Surprise, it’s a rock! Not convinced? Neither was Reddit, which prompted the poster to actually upload a video of him trying to cut it with a knife. There’s definitely potential for this to be a fun grocery store prank.

20. Ever wonder what the inside of a golf ball looks like? Surprisingly, the interior happens to look a lot like the interior of canned meat or salmon. You have to wonder if the person who cracked open this ball saw the inside and then took a curious whiff or lick.

21. It’s certainly a perplexing sight to wake up and find that your toothpaste looks more like salmon belly than gel dentifrice. Clearly, the sight was perplexing enough that the person who this happened to felt the need to take a photo of the minty dollop while disregarding the running water.


22. Before you find yourself repulsed at the unsanitary location of this slab, know that it’s not actually raw meat. This is the result of someone’s miscalculated attempt at making peppermint swirl soap. However, there’s probably a market for meat-shaped soap so they should really consider this a business opportunity rather than a mistake.

23. This may look like someone got a little too ambitious with their s’more making abilities, but what this really is is far less appetizing than a glob of perfectly toasted marshmallow mating with melting chocolate. Despite looking like a misguided summer campfire creation, these blobs are nothing more than fungus.

24. Wait a second, candy corn grows on a plant? No, you fool! These flowers just so happen to look like the controversial creamy tasting Halloween staple. This plant, Manettia luteorubra, is commonly referred to as a candy corn vine for how much the flowers happen to resemble the holiday treat.


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