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20+ Times Things Looked Like Food That You’d Seriously Regret Eating

There are some days where hunger does more than making our stomachs rumble. When you’re feeling famished, sometimes even inedible items will trigger thoughts of food. This isn’t to say it’s normal to stare at a mailbox and salivate, but there are times where things that have nothing to do with food appear strikingly appetizing.

You know that disorienting sensation when you smell something delicious like a birthday cake-scented candle and you know you can’t eat it, but part of you desperately wants to? Well, get ready for that strange discombobulation to now tackle your sense of sight.

Here are 24 times things looked like food that you would seriously regret eating.

1. It only makes sense that a man would bring along a crust-less peanut butter sandwich to appease his hunger while hiking, right? Wrong! This is a rock. Confused? This is just the beginning. You have to wonder what was going through this guy’s mind when he spotted this triangular rock amongst all of this much less-appetizing rubble. Was he going to let cravings win and ambitiously disregard the 5-second rule or was this pick up out of pure curiosity? We’ll never know.

2. Chocolate cravings are hard enough to kick without having any trigger whatsoever so you can imagine how difficult it would be to return home daily to a garage that looks like a giant Hershey’s bar. There’s really no winning here. Night time? Dark chocolate. Sunny day? Fondue. Winter? Ice cream. This isn’t just a door to a garage, it’s a gateway to cocoa addiction.

3. Wait a second, this has to be a delectably fluffy croissant, right? Absolutely not. This is microwaved soap. Why someone decided to microwave a bar of soap is something we can’t answer, but there’s no denying that the end result looks so pastry-like that you could easily fool someone into taking one sudsy bite.

4. It’s an odd response to adorability, but sometimes the cuteness of our pets can prompt us to utter things like, “You’re so cute, I could just eat you up!” This is mostly cute aggression and doesn’t really have anything to do with food. However, whoever owns this cat that looks confusingly like a rotisserie chicken has a little more grounds to say these things.

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