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24 Things Women Have No Idea Men Notice About Them


Humans are biologically designed to want to spread their genetic material. But nowadays, with almost 8 billion people on this planet, finding a mate who isn’t picky can be quite the challenge.

When we take a look at the animal kingdom, which humans are a part of, then we can quickly see the predominant motive of these sentient, living beings. They focus solely on their primal instincts; eat, sleep and sex.

But how do these animals showcase behavior that entices the opposite gender? For instance, male peacocks with the fanciest, brightest feathers tend to receive the most attention. Lions with the biggest mane are regarded as possessing the best genetic material. And gorillas have their own alpha males. But within a human society, it becomes much more than just one single factor. During the time of Neanderthals, it could have been the mate with the best hunting attributes so that their family could survive longer. But in a modern society, we have evolved to be more interested in material possessions like a mansion, an expensive car, fancy watches and/or lavish jewelry. But besides the blatantly obvious ones, what are some things that men notice about women that women might not realize? Here are some of Reddit’s best answers.

‘I notice how women check out men. They try to do it quickly, subtly and nonchalantly but I notice that they do look at guys that they find attractive even when they are out with their boyfriends or husbands.’ (Sungrey)


‘I really enjoy good hair. I like a woman with nice hair. I notice it all the time and I am often told that I am the first person that’s said anything or complimented them on their hair.’ (Azozel)


‘I like shoulders. Everything about how a woman carries herself starts from the shoulders. How her hair falls on her shoulders, the way turns her shoulders when she’s flirting or embarrassed. It’s just one of the things I notice first.’ (InternetKidsAreMean)


‘How they talk and the way they converse with you one-on-one or in a group setting. It’s even more so apparent when they are able to engage in a multitude of subjects. It shows me what they are passionate about and what they are interested in.’ (SendItDownRange)


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